They say beauty is pain, but it doesn't have to be a pain to your credit card.

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With anti-ageing creams, make-up and skincare costs on the rise, you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. So stop shelling out on expensive beauty buys and heed these budget-friendly tips you can do yourself.

1. Lipstick doubles up as blusher

Use your favourite pink, red or peach lip colour to rouge your cheeks too. Simply dab it on the apples of your cheeks, smudge in with fingertips and blush away to your heart’s content.

2. Use almond oil on cuticles

Suffering from dry nails and cuticles? There’s no need to buy a pricey product – just head to your nearest pharmacy, pick up a bottle of Almond Oil and massage onto your nails.

3. Pump up the volume with baby powder

Apply one coat of mascara, dip a cotton bud in baby powder and run along your lashes, paying attention to the tips. A second coat of mascara will attach itself to the powder and leave your lashes looking fuller.

4. Smell sweet for longer

Find your fragrance doesn’t last as long as the day does? You’re not applying it right. Spritz behind the ear, inside wrist, base of throat, inside elbow and behind your knee for the sweet smell of success.

5. Get rid of a random spot with yoghurt

Forget toothpaste as a way to shrink spots and instead, try full-fat Greek yoghurt. Pop a little on the spot to reduce redness and inflammation in just 20 minutes. The ingredients in a yoghurt will help balance bacteria, moisturise and unclog the pores. Genius.

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6. Apply concealer in a triangle

Nothing is worse than concealing your under-eye bags only to see them reappear a few minutes later. But you could be applying your concealer wrong. Instead of dotting it in the pattern of your eyes, apply in a triangular shape instead and blend downwards.

7. Make your lipstick go the distance

To reduce the need for lippy touch-ups, dust a sprinkling of face powder onto a tissue and press gently between your lips to blot your lipstick. It also helps keep the colour off your teeth too – bonus.

8. Soften with Sudocrem

Any skin complaint – be it spots, wrinkles or dry patches – can almost always be solved with some Sudocrem. That’s right, the nappy rash cream. Apply over spots to reduce redness, or slather a layer on before bed for silky smooth skin or when your skin needs a boost. Only use once or twice a week though or else it can turn your skin super-sensitive.

9. Plump with peppermint oil

Skip the expensive lip-plumping products and instead, add a drop of peppermint oil to your favourite gloss. It does exactly the same thing.

10. Extend the life of your nail varnish

Had a manicure? Make it last longer by applying a top coat layer every day. And if your favourite nail polish has gone clumpy and thick, add a few drops of acetone nail polish remover to the bottle. It should make them usable in no time.

11. Try witch hazel for under-eye bags

Witch hazel is a natural skin tightening agent and can be used in the same way as cucumber slices, to depuff your under-eye bags. Soak two cotton wool pads in witch hazel and apply to each closed eye for five minutes.

12. Vaseline fixes just about anything

A bog-standard jar of Vaseline is something of a superhero. It can smooth hair (just use a small amount like a serum), act as a highlighter (dab onto temples, cupid’s bow and bridge of nose), slather your feet in it before bed for a moisturising treatment and you can even remove your eye make-up with it.

Take a small amount, massage onto your eyelids and lashes and remove with a damp muslin cloth or cotton wool pad.