How to get rid of bags under your eyes: 8 ways to make your eyes look younger and more awake

They’re the windows to your soul, so if you want to be young at heart, you’d better make sure your eyes are looking youthful. Here are our top tips...

Your eyes are one of the first places to show signs of ageing.

With the skin around that area being 50% thinner than that on the rest of the face, the eye area is a delicate little flower that needs to be tended correctly.

Ageing doesn’t necessarily mean wrinkles either; under-eye bags, dark circles and puffy eyes all contribute to making your entire face look older.

Luckily, there are more than a few easy and affordable things you can do to dramatically help turn back the clock of your eyes…

Apply eye cream properly

Whatever eye cream you use (because using one goes without saying), it’ll be no use to you unless you apply it correctly.

Nicola Simmons of skincare brand Phytomer suggests applying a pea-sized amount to both eyes using your ring finger. Pat on the product, starting at the inner corner of the eye contour and working out towards the crow’s feet area.

If you have any product left over, only apply it to your brow bone; think about where the lower edge of your sunglasses would rest on your face and this is where you need to apply it - and no higher.

Apply eye cream in the right place

A little-known fact, many of us apply our face moisturiser too high. Products travel up the face and if you work your heavier face cream too near your eye, it’ll cause the fine skin there to puff up like a blowfish.

Wear an eye mask

Eye masks are a fabulous quick fix, which can instantly minimise supersized bags. We're obsessed with the Gel Eye Masks from ARBONNE, they soothe, cool and sort in minutes.


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Swear by sunglasses and SPF

Wearing a daily SPF will help avoid wrinkles while sunglasses stop you squinting, which is how many of us develop lines all around the eye area.

Open your eyes up with mascara

Big, wide eyes scream youthful buoyancy. Unfortunately, our eyes tend to look smaller as we age and puffy, dark circles only add to these woes.

Big lashes help to open up your eyes and while falsies aren’t for everyone, using an eyelash curler will help make the most of what nature gave you.

Say no to salt

Under-eye bags are made even more visible when you have a diet high in sodium. Skip it and see a difference.

Cleanse your eyes carefully

Whatever you do, don’t use face wipes. When we drag these temporary towels across our face – and our eyes – we damage the thinner eye area. Instead, use a cleanser or micellar water that's easy on the eyes.

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