It seems like beauty fads are slowly becoming crazier and crazier (whether it’s using a condom to apply your makeup or glittery roots in your hair), but even this one seems quite extreme to us.

Apparently people’s love for freckles has got so strong that you can actually have them tattooed onto your face.

The slightly strange trend seems to have come from Gabrielle Rainbow, a cosmetic tattoo artist at Twin Peonies in Canada.

Gabrielle told New Beauty that she’s “not sure what sparked the trend, but she started doing them as a result of her best friend being tired of drawing hers on with makeup”. Fair enough.

Although they might be semi-permanent, don’t think that they’ll rub off after just a few washes. Instead, Twin Peonies says they’ll last about two years.

A love of all things freckly doesn’t come cheap though: at Twin Peonies the procedure will set you back $250 (£150) and touch-ups come in between $80-$100 (around £50-£60).

Here’s a before and after to show you how much of a difference the tatts can make.

Twin Peonies

Although many of the pictures look pretty extreme, the tattoo fades and the freckles begin to look more natural after the procedure.

If you’re the kind of person that painstakingly pencils freckles onto your face every day, this definitely sounds like something you would want to check out.

However, if you’re more the type to follow a fad and change your mind after a few days we probably recommend staying away from anything that could last years.

If you’re desperate to get your freckle fix but don’t fancy braving the needle, luckily there are other options out there. Remember stick-on tattoos that you used as a child?

Well, now you can use them to up your freckle game (and they’re a whole lot cheaper than the actual tattoos).

Tattoo freckles
Here’s a before and after for using stick-on tattoo freckles (SlayParis)

For everyone else, we’ll just have to be content with catching rays whenever we can, hoping that a few freckles pop up.