At 77 years old, with a packed television presenting schedule, you never see Gloria Hunniford with anything like a hair out of place.

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“I have never put myself in the beauty stakes,” she says, “I’ve just tried to make the best with what I have.” Pretty self-deprecating for someone who looks so polished every time she pops up on our screens.

Whilst she makes an effort with her appearance, it’s not something she dedicates hours of time to. “I would like to be the constant beauty that Joan Collins is, but that would be such a big job all the time – it would be exhausting,” Gloria says with a laugh.

So without spending hours in front of the mirror every day, here are Gloria’s top tips for ageing gracefully…

1. Learn what suits you best

Gloria Hunniford
(Andy Butterton/PA)

For Gloria, finding out which clothes match your body type and look is key – and this isn’t necessarily an easy process.

“I think that it’s important to learn what suits you best in terms of what to wear – yes you make mistakes, but I think you end up with something that suits your style,” she says.

As she’s spent so much of her career on TV, she’s luckily been able see how outfits work on her or not, and adjust accordingly. “I’ve discovered for me that jackets are better. If I wear big voluminous blouses, it’s too much material, and makes me look bigger,” Gloria says.

2. Keep up to date

As you get older, styles in clothes, hair and beauty can change dramatically. Gloria says: “I try to keep myself as up to date as I can in terms of modern clothes, but not ‘way out’ clothes.”

Staying up to date can help you look your best, but Gloria does give a caveat to this…

3. Know your age

Gloria Hunniford
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

On the flip-side of this, Gloria warns against going for the trendiest clothes of the moment, because then you’re in danger of just looking a bit silly.

“There’s nothing worse than an older person trying to look young and hip in young people’s clothes,” she says, with a giggle.

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4. Keep yourself smart

Gloria Hunniford
(Ian West/PA)

Regardless of what fashion you decide to wear, Gloria is a big proponent of keeping yourself smart.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in front of the mirror, it’s more about keeping things in check.

Gloria says: “It’s a question really of keeping things in measure and doing the best to make yourself smart. I’ve always been conscious of my hair, so I try to have my hair reasonable at all times for filming.”

Sure, most of us won’t be on TV quite as much as Gloria, but it’s still a pretty good piece of advice for your day-to-day life.

5. Be prepared

For Gloria, the easiest way to look good is to know your stuff and be prepared. If you’re fully prepared for the job at hand you’ll look amazing.

“People ask me do you ever get nervous, and yes there’s an edge of nerves, but the only time I’d be really nervous would be if I didn’t have the right homework,” Gloria says.

“If I don’t have the right research, I feel vulnerable.”