Cult beauty brand Glossier has finally begun shipping to the UK. Cue the fanfare! And now with a fragrance on the way too.

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Created by perennially cool Emily Weiss (Into The Gloss founder and, for any The Hills fans, the intern who threatened to usurp Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port), Glossier was pretty much a cult brand from the moment it was launched in the US in 2014.


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Fast-forward three years and such is the hype surrounding the brand that its products are known to sell out fast, and when a new product is launched, the beauty sphere is whipped into a frenzy thanks to their on-point branding and fun aesthetic.

Even the packaging is Insta-worthy, with products shipped in pink bubble pouches that are perfect for carrying your keys and cards in or as a make-up bag.

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I for one was so desperate for a tube of their Balm Dotcom when it first launched that I begged an American friend to send me one; and I bought a tube of Boy Brow on eBay for well over the retail price (not to mention £20 in shipping).

“Ever since day one, we’ve dreamt of making Glossier a global beauty movement that celebrates real girls in real life wherever they are. We’ve always been internationally focused thanks for the Into The Gloss readership and our community on social media. Now we’re excited to actually get Glossier in their hands,” said Weiss.


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With a mantra of ‘skin first, make-up second’, Glossier is our kind of beauty brand.

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And since we can now bulk-buy Glossier’s finest, here are the products at the top of our wish list.

1. Boy Brow


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Vogue called it ‘transformative’ – do you need any more reason to get one? Think of it as your all-in-one brow product. It thickens, grooms and fills them in in one fell swoop – Miranda Kerr even used it on her wedding day. Go for the clear if you’re not sure on shade.

2. Stretch Concealer


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If you’re forever on the hunt for a decent concealer but find yours cakes the skin rather than covers, give this one a whirl. It’s said to move with the skin, hence the name stretch.

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3. Generation G


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For those days you want more than a lip balm but less than a lipstick, Glossier’s Generation G lip colours are the perfect bridge.

4. Haloscope


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A dewy highlighter with actual crystal extract, shining like an original glazed Krispy Kreme? (Yep, look at the glaze - it's luminious!) We’re sold.

5. Priming Moisturiser


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Taking it back to basics, you can’t beat a decent moisturiser which doesn’t sit heavy on the skin. This doesn’t. It’s light yet dewy and makes your skin less red too.