Tattoos are more popular than ever, especially among celebrities, who love to adorn themselves with a bit of ink.

Some love to express themselves by having themselves inked all over (think David Beckham and Justin Bieber), while others go for something more discreet, like Bella Hadid and her tiny angel wings on her ankles and Carey Mulligan, who has a small swallow tattooed on her wrist.

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Even David Dimbleby got in on the body art action a few years ago when he got a black scorpion tattooed on his shoulder at the age of 75.

So with the new series of Just Tattoo of Us starting on MTV this week, in which friends, family and partners design tattoos for each other, let's see how well you know your favourite celebrities inkings with our celebrity tattoo quiz.


Just Tattoo of Us series two starts on Monday, October 2 at 10pm on MTV.

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