Saggy neck? Try the three-minute exercise routine made to tighten and tone your muscles

Dreaded turkey neck dragging you down? Follow these strengthening moves to keep those muscles tight.

Muscles that aren’t worked regularly gain fat and lose tone – it’s a fact.

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We’re well aware of what effect this has on the body but there’s one other area that muscles often get overlooked and underworked –and that’s your neck.

Muscles that sag in this area really pull your face down, and can counteract any if not all of your anti-ageing efforts, no matter how diligent you are or how much money you spend.

And what with tech neck being a bona fide concern (so called because  of our use of technology causing the neck muscles to sag more than ever before), it’s becoming more of a concern than ever.

To get moving and motivating those muscles, we asked Danielle Collins, the world’s leading facial yoga expert, to highlight the best exercises that zone in on the neck.

Much more than just pulling funny faces, these five moves have been designed to target those oft-neglected neck muscles for fitter, firmer skin.

Try to practice them every day before bed or, if you’re brave, on your commute, to reap the rewards. You might get some funny looks but you’ll have the most toned neck on the train.

Follow them up with your usual skincare regime-  including a specially formulated anti-ageing neck cream or serum – for seriously supple skin.

10 Minute Natural Facelift DVD, and Fusion by Danielle Collins skincare is available at To download the Face Yoga App search 'Danielle Collins' on your Apple or Android App store.

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