Working glitter into your party make-up can be tricky.

Too little and it’s dangerously drab, too much and you risk wearing the same look as a 12-year-old dancing to Ariana Grande at her first disco.

Sometimes, glitter can seem garish, girly and far too gauche; but instead of saying au revoir to those sparkly specs, change the way you wear it instead.

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Good Morning Britain’s make-up artist Helen Hand comments: “Show your confidence by wearing big, chunky sparkles on your eyes – there’s nothing subtle about it and that’s what makes it such a brilliant look.

“Choose eyeshadow in metallics, like golds and silvers, which have a much more mature feel than colours like light purples, blues and greens.

“Save the shimmer for helping the light to bounce off your cheekbones with an illuminator and if you want to push the boat, carry the look to your lips with a sparkly lip gloss.”

Watch the video to find out how you can recreate this look at home.

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