Fake tan is a messy business and even celebrities have fallen prey to the pitfalls of self-tanning.

And as many of us hit the bottle to eke out our summer tan, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as these famous faces…

Natural is nice

Claudia Winkleman

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of how deep you tan naturally; a fake tan is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not cloud it like Claudia Winkleman's.

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If in doubt, choose a tan only one shade darker than your skin. You can always build the colour up, and preferably not just on the nose like Claudia.

Legs must match

Think about what parts of you are going to be on show – if in doubt, fake tan all over. Otherwise you’ll look a little odd a la Mariah Carey.

Wear gloves

Let Christina Aguilera’s tanned palms be your lesson - always wear gloves! If you’re using a gradual tanner, gloves are less essential but always wash your hands afterwards. But…

Tan your hands

Your hands (that’s the backs, not your palms) need a tan too or else you’ll look like you’re wearing gloves the whole time.

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Friends don’t fake it

Valentino with Gwyneth Paltrow

Consider your surroundings – remember, you’ll have to stand next to other people who might not have hit the bottle. Valentino, we’re talking to you.

Say no to his and hers tans

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

A couple that tans together, doesn’t necessarily stay together. His and hers tans are the ultimate in cringe, even for Michelle Keegan and fiance Mark Wright.

Take your time

Abbey Clancy should have given hers a touch longer to dry and develop; then she’d have realised her fake tan was more Ronseal than Rio.

Face checker

You may have missed a whole patch like Lindsay Lohan. Check your application in different lights and from multiple angles, especially on the face. You can’t hide that with tights or long sleeves!

Dry nights

Made in Chelsea's Ashley James

Give it time to dry before you hit the sack or else you risk ending up like Made In Chelsea's Ashley James.

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