Review: Can these mermaid bath salts really make you lose weight?

We took a soak in BOD's Mermaid bath salts to find out if they really can help you lose weight in 20 minutes.

We’ve all had that feeling a couple of days before a major event in your social calendar where you feel bloated and grumpy.

All you ever want is to feel comfortable in your skin.

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Now, Instagram’s favourite new bath salts by BOD promise to help you lose three pounds after one bath.

Can a bath really help you shift a few pounds? I tried the BOD 20-Min Mermaid Bath Prep to find out.

Full disclosure

I don’t own a set of scales.

My body confidence journey started with me being overweight and unhappy and ended with me now in a place where I feel strong and lean, but there was a point in the middle where I ate a restrictive and unhealthy diet and became obsessed with the number on the scales.

Now, in order to treat my body with some level of kindness, I feel it’s important to judge based on how I feel about it rather than focus on a number, especially since we all know muscle weighs more than fat.

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The bath

Unlike other bath salts, you pour the whole bag of Mermaid salts into the bath water, which does feel excessive.

To get optimum results, your bath water needs to be 37-39 degrees – hot enough to make you actually sweat – and the salts need to be fully dissolved.

Then all you need to do is sit in it for 20 minutes.


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When you pour in the whole bag, the water quickly becomes a beautiful and very Instagrammable marble pink.

Thankfully, I enjoy baths and like them piping hot so lying in it is easy though I’ve never had a bath where I’ve felt like this – it honestly feels hot in the way you do during a workout.

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I tried these bath salts before a winter break to Tenerife. My only goal was to eliminate some belly fat so I could feel better in a bikini.

I had intended to do this the natural way by eating right and upping my workouts but sadly my body let me down. After first a kidney infection and then a chest infection ruled out all exercise and left me lying in bed eating toast, these bath salts arrived just at the right time.

I used them the night before flying and immediately after getting out of the bath, there was nothing really to see.

I’ll admit I was a little sceptical. I never feel especially bloated or like I hold much water weight, and really, how can a bath get rid of it?

But a day or so later, I was feeling differently as I had a noticeably more trim stomach and almost visible abs.

To get that much of a result from a bath is nothing short of witchcraft.

We all know that long term, you really can’t cheat weight-loss and it does ultimately come down to diet and exercise, but if you need a quick fix before an event, it’s definitely worth a try.