Putting on weight but can’t work out why?
It might be down to one of these factors…

1. Not drinking enough water

Instead of reaching straight for crisps and biscuits, ask yourself whether you might be thirsty rather than hungry. It’s easy to confuse the sensations. Just think how much weight you might lose if every time you went to snack on a chocolate bar, you had a glass of water instead.

2. Social media addiction

The British Psychological Society's Division of Health Psychology found that the longer a person spends scrolling through social media, the less physical activity they’re prone to do. Not only that, scientists have found that if your friends on Facebook are putting on weight, it can make you more comfortable doing the same.

3. Skimping on probiotics

Our guts rely on certain ‘good’ bacteria to function properly and keep weight stable, and one of the easiest ways to keep these topped up is by eating foods high in fibre and probiotics. That means if you miss out on lots of leafy veg and yoghurt, you’re making your gut suffer.

4. Cutting out all fat

There are some fats that are crucial to your health and wellbeing, and vital for maintaining a healthy weight. The fats you should be cutting out are those found in junk foods, not the fats found in nuts, fish and seeds.

5. Buying sugar free

Items that are labelled as low in sugar and fat or sugar free, often rely on artificial sweeteners to give them flavour. Sweeteners have been linked to mood swings, increased appetite and slowing down the digestive system – none of which are helpful if you want to shed the pounds.

6. Avoiding protein

Not eating enough protein can leave you feeling hungry and prone to snacking and going back for seconds. Stocking up on healthy proteins – in the form of meat, fish and nuts – will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

7. Portion sizes are a problem

The size of your plate can really impact how much you eat. Switch to a smaller dinner plate and notice how much less you eat each mealtime as a result!

8. Not enough sleep

Missing out on your beauty sleep can you leave you feeling groggy and unproductive, and it can also leave you reaching for high energy foods to ‘keep you going’. The problem is, high energy foods are often full of fat, sugar and caffeine. Try snacking on veg sticks instead, and get to bed earlier!

9. Rushing mealtimes

Your body needs time to digest food properly, so eating on the move and rushing dinner is not ideal. Enjoy your food, take time to sit down and eat it, and not only will you feel fuller (rather than rushing your meal so quickly your stomach doesn’t have time to tell your brain it’s full), but you’ll likely feel happier too.
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