The professional dancers of Strictly Come Dancing manage to make dancing the night away look like a breeze.

Though it may seem easy, these pros are at the top of their game and put in serious workouts to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

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We spoke to the experts from Fitness First to find out how to get the physique of a long, lean, dancing machine for yourself.

1. Lunge to long legs

For toned legs, look at doing multi-directional lunges to hit the thighs and bum from every angle.

Kick off with a lunge on the right leg, moving around each point of the compass aiming to keep your knees at 90 degrees and your torso upright.

Once you’ve completed one rotation, switch to your left leg.

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2. Plank for a toned tummy

To achieve the ultimate six-pack stomach, try a dynamic plank workout. Start on your tip toes and with your elbows on the ground before rising up onto your hands, keeping your body rigid and your glutes squeezed tight to protect your back.

Not only will this give you great abs but also strong shoulders too

3. Improve your coordination

Coordination exercises are also key to improving balance and performance – something all dancers need.

Jumping jacks and skipping are both great workouts that will help with your leg and feet coordination, as well as toning your calves.

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4. Try a snow-free ski inspired workout

To achieve toned arms any dancer would be envious of, head to Fitness First and try the brand new SkiErg which develops strength and endurance for a complete body workout focusing particularly on the arms.

This can help you build strength, skill and overall fitness, and with no impact on the joints it’s a good choice for those recovering from lower limb injuries.

5. Perfect your posture with TRX

Jump on the TRX machine and do some ‘rows’.

Hold the the straps close either side of your chest, lean back and fully extend the arms before pulling yourself up to the top again.

Repeat this for eight reps while making sure to keep the hips high to ensure your abs are engaged.

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