It’s always easier to get up off the sofa and out for a jog if you’ve got a running partner to encourage you – and what better jogging buddy is there than your dog?

Not only will a jog with your dog be great bonding time, it’s also the perfect way to keep you both fit.

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The pet experts at Forthglade have shared some things you should consider before hitting the road with your pet pooch, including not forgetting those poop bags…

1. Start slow

Dogs aren’t that different from us, and just as we would take time to adapt to a new form of exercise, so will your dog.

Start with a short jog and gradually build it up to a longer run; you need to build up resilience on your pet’s paws as well getting them used to running beside you on a lead for longer.


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2. Consider your lead

Which lead you use is important to consider too – a retractable lead can end up with too much loose lead and become a tripping hazard, while a short lead isn’t going to give them enough freedom to run.

Try a few out before you find your perfect length.

3. Check surfaces

Be mindful of the areas you’re running with your dog, as some surfaces can cause injury or pain to your pet, especially if you’re moving at a fast pace. Be aware of ice, areas with debris or routes where bikes might whizz past at speed.

4. Know your dog

Make sure you’re aware of signs of fatigue in your dog. Some common signs include them pulling on the head, panting heavily, sore or sensitive pads and over-heating.

If they look like they need a break, make sure you give them a minute to rest.

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5. Don’t forget water

Just as it’s important that you stay hydrated during and after your run, it’s important for your pooch too. If you’re planning on a run of a decent distance, pack them some water too. Don’t let them drink from puddles, as they can be high in toxins or even contaminated water.


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6. …Or doggy bags

Even on a run, if your dog has to go, they have to go!

7. After your run

After your post-run stretch, check your dog’s paws for anything stuck in them and give them a bit of a wash. And remember to make sure they drink lots of water to rehydrate too.

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