Whether your friends and family are already firm fitness fiends or just need a little nudge to kick off their New Year’s resolution, they’re sure to love these great gifts.

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Here are some of the best fitness and wellbeing gifts you can give this festive season.

Bkr Spiked London Water Bottle, £30

Plastic water bottles are passe - the true Goop guru types only drink from glass, and Bkr's bottles are by far the coolest. 

Yoga Ladies Notebook by Danielle Kroll, £12.99

They can use this notebook to keep track of their mood, meditation and mountain poses. Get it personalised for extra points.

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat, £55

Super-charge their post-workout recovery with this acupressure mat, said to relieve aches, pains, reduce cellulite and help you sleep better.

TORY SPORT Printed French cotton-terry sweatshirt, £135

Fitness gear is de rigeur for running errands, especially when wearing this chic sweatshirt; it'll take them from burpees to brunch in one fell swoop.

Fitbit Alta Metal Bracelet Wristband, £109.99

If they're really fit, they've probably already got a fitness tracker, so up the ante and style stakes with this seriously sleek fitness tracker strap. 

SOL Republic Amps Air Truly Wireless Earbuds, £149.99


Help them take those runs to the next level with a robust pair of headphones. These are completely wireless, so there's no chance of them getting tangled up mid-lunge.

MAULI Himalayan Healing Salts, £42


A bath isn't just a bath when it's got healing salts in it - they're said to help rebalance the body and the skin's PH levels.

Yuni Sweat, Refresh, Go Set, £32


This kit contains four of Yunit Beauty’s bestselling workout innovations for quick cleansing and rapid recovery. It comes in a cotton bag so they can throw it into their gym bag without worry.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Bodylift, £29

Take dry body brushing to the next level with a lifting and toning device specially designed for the body. The Bodylift drains toxins, reduces puffiness and boosts blood circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin and helps to ease muscles too.