Since most of us aren’t born with a pert bottom, we have to work on it.

Celebs like Kylie Jenner, who stars in her own reality show Life of Kylie (Sundays at 9pm on E! BT TV channel 321/386 HD), and big sis Kim Kardashian have made glute training (glute is another word for the muscles in your bottom) top of people’s to-do lists.

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Why though, is it so hard to get a brilliant bottom?

“The glutes (bum) are the most powerful muscles but they’re not easy to grow and shape,” says London-based personal trainer Enrico Argentin (known as RJ, who runs

“Growing a muscle and weight loss/ getting lean don’t go hand in hand. In order to grow your bum you need to feed the muscle and your nutrition has to be on point. Many people, when exercising and eating well, may not be eating enough to grow the bum.”

Here, RJ shares his fitness plan for getting a better bottom. 

1. Nutrition

A big mistake people make, says RJ, is not eating enough protein: “Make sure you are eating enough protein or your glute muscles will not grow. About 2g of protein per kg of your weight are recommended as a minimum when targeting muscle growth.”

2. Supplements

Another thing people often get wrong is the lack of amino acids. RJ recommends taking them daily, as “these are the building blocks for protein and will help your muscles recover properly after your intense glute workouts.”

3. Check your posture

Flat lower back? That might be holding you and your bottom back, says RJ. “Many people have a flat lower back and so before they try to grow the glute muscles they need to do exercises to release the muscle and unlock their hips. If you think this could be you then I would suggest visiting a fitness professional for help in doing so.”

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4. Squeeze

With every squat, lunge or movement you do when you work out, make sure you squeeze your bum, making it the focus of your workout.

5. Squat

“This is a popular glute exercise for a reason, but your glutes will only work if you squat to a minimum of 90 degrees - the lower the better,” RJ advises.

6. Think about your warm up

Don’t forget to warm up your glutes too. RJ explains: “Warming up a body part pumps blood to the area and will result in a better response during your workout.”

Try using a step-up machine for a warm up, he suggests.

7. Up hill

If you’re a runner, then switch your flat running to something with an incline to work your butt.

“You don’t work the glutes walking or running on flat ground, only your quads,” says RJ. “Try adding a hill in to your workout to work the butt.”

8. Feel the burn

“Increase the weight you’re using to make sure you are feeling the burn during your glute workouts.” RJ advises.

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9. Consistency is key

RJ says: “Try adding one glute workout a week in to your exercise routine and add in a few glute exercises to another gym workout, to recall the glutes. This should be enough to grow the glutes, but still give your body enough time to recover.”

10. Be patient

Unfortunately, it takes time, so be patient. “Growing a muscle takes time and you won’t see results overnight. To monitor results try taking progress photos from the side and measuring the circumference. The biggest tell-tale of butt growth will be the fit of your jeans!” RJ adds.