This year’s batch of Strictly Come Dancing contestants are already twisting, turning and tango-ing their way to glitter ball glory.

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And one of the things many of the contestants find on their Strictly journey is how much weight they lose from all the rehearsals and live shows.


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As Simon Rimmer, Ruth Langsford, Mollie King and the other celebrities get their groove on, find out which dance burns the most calories.

Salsa – burns around 200 calories for every 30 minutes

The salsa is full of sexy and energetic movements and is usually danced to fast-paced music. To get the most out of the salsa, let your body go. The movements feature a lot of weight changes through the feet, combined with plenty of hip action and shoulder shimmies.

Cha-Cha-Cha – burns around 200 calories for every 30 minutes

This Cuban dance, which became popular in the early 1950s, is energetic but moves to a steady beat.

Viennese Waltz – burns around 195 calories for every 30 minutes

The Viennese waltz has lots of turns and is therefore a very tricky dance to master – but is one of the most elegant.

Paso Doble – burns around 194 calories every 30 minutes

Who can forget presenter Anita Rani and pro-dancer Gleb’s passionate version of the Paso doble, danced to Malaguena?

This is a lively dance that’s modelled after the Spanish bullfight. It’s a dramatic, intense dance that works the arms, upper core and the thighs. 

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The Quickstep – burns around 171 calories every 30 minutes

This is a mix between the foxtrot and the Charleston, and incorporates a lot of footwork with correct and straight posture.

The Jive – burns around 128 calories for every 30 minutes

In 2015’s Strictly, Jay McGuinness and partner Aliona Vilani performed one of the show’s most amazing jives in the style of Pulp Fiction.

This popular Latin dance is high speed and packed with spinning, swinging and swagger.

Samba – burns around 103 calories for every 30 minutes

This is a very rhythmical dance that’s incredibly bouncy and uses plenty of hip action with spins and turns.

Waltz – burns around 103 calories every 30 minutes

The waltz is a progressive dance that travels around the room. This means you’ll be making brisk movements whilst also getting your head around technical footwork. It can range from a slow-paced to a mid-pace.

Foxtrot – burns around 103 calories every 30 minutes


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The foxtrot is a lot like the waltz, except it has different rhythm. It combines one count of slow steps to every two quick ones. It’s a very smooth dance that uses precise timing.

Rumba – burns around 103 calories every 30 minutes

The rumba is a very sensual dance that uses a lot of passionate movements. It combines high kicks with twists, turns and lifts.