How much exercise you need to do to burn off your Easter eggs

Creme egg, Kit Kat Chunky or Mini Eggs - whichever treat you enjoyed over Easter here's how to burn it off.

Easter's over for another year, time to banish the chocolate-induced guilt with these exercises. And we’ve even done the leg work for you with UK Fitness expert Darren Casey, from Full & Slim imparting his fitness wisdom.

Here's how to burn off those chocolatey goodies.

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Maltesers Easer egg and three fun size bags, 820 calories = 3 hours moderate walking or 1 hour circuit training.

Mini eggs

Bag of mini eggs, 13 calories per egg = 1 minute of running per egg.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat Chunky Egg and a Kit Kat chunky bar, 836 calories = 1 hour front crawl swimming, 3 hours of moderate walking.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher deluxe egg, 850 calories = 4 hours of walking or 1 hour, 20 minutes running or 61 minutes of Burpees.

Creme egg

Crème egg (not to scale, obviously), 180 calories = 50 minutes of walking or 20 minutes of running or 13 minutes of Burpees.

Caramel bunny

Cadbury’s caramel bunny, 100 calories per bunny = 9 minutes cycling or 28 minutes moderate walking.

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