If you haven’t been watching Love Island then not only have you missed out on some fascinating new colloquialisms, but you’ve also saved yourself a whole lot of body envy.

This summer’s islanders are lean, mean lovin’ machines, and are forever keen to show off their jaw-dropping physiques in teeny weeny bikinis as they work out on the lawn of the villa.

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If the show has motivated you to lose fat and gain muscle, Andy Ward, personal trainer and Cellucor ambassador, let us in on his top tips.


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Andy says a low-carbohydrate diet is the most effective way to reduce your body fat percentage.

This doesn’t mean giving up carbs altogether though. “One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to shred fat is doing too much at once,” he explains.

“Introducing cardio, smashing training and eating next to nothing will get you results for the first few weeks, but you’ll quickly plateau.

“It’s about everything in moderation, and if you don’t feel you’re seeing results, simply lower your carbs or increase your cardio. Don’t starve yourself, as this is not safe and will not help you to acquire the ripped look that so many people are aiming for.”

The best approach, he says, is to structure your carb intake around your workouts to help fuel your exercise.

To maintain the muscle you worked hard to build in the gym, proteins and fats are essential.

Make sure your post-workout meals are based around them.

To help stay on track, try preparing your meals in advance.

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Working out

Andy recommends following a split of pull/pull exercises and working on your lower body to cover all bases.

He also suggests three sessions of cardio a week, concentrating on programmes like high intensity interval training to burn fat.

The Islander voted most popular girl, Montana, previously revealed how she stays in shape on her blog, Life of Mon.


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She finds it helpful to plan how she will spend her time in the gym in advance to prevent procrastination.

To get “abs like slabs”, Montana says avoid doing endless sit-ups which can get boring quickly, and instead to try completing a circuit of eight ab exercises three or times.

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Try moves like hanging leg raises, plank, Russian twists, and pulling in an exercise ball with your feet.

As for a great bum like Montana’s, you’ll need to be prepared to get through lots of squats, glute bridges and step-ups.

Watch the final of Love Island on ITV2 from 9pm on Monday, July 24, or catch up with all the comings and goings from the villa with BT TV Catch-Up. 

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