Kem Cetinay’s 5 fitness secrets: How the Love Island winner is preparing for Dancing On Ice

During the summer of love, did you wonder how the men got their Love Island villa-worthy bodies? We caught up with winner Kem Cetinay to find out.

Since winning Love Island, 21-year-old Kem Cetinay has been the busiest of bees.

He might have won by finding love with Amber Davies (the pair recently announced they’ve split after five months of dating due to scheduling difficulties), but it’s his bromance with Chris Hughes that appears to have kept him occupied.

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After leaving the Majorcan villa, Kem and Chris released a rap single – Little Bit Leave It – and now have a fitness DVD under their belt.

100% Fit was a welcome fitness challenge for Kem, who explains that making the DVD involved trying out exercises the pair would normally shy away from.

1. What to expect from his fitness DVD

“It is actually different to what we would normally do, it is more yoga, less weight-based stuff. That’s why we did it because it just completely different and we didn’t realise how hard it was and we take everyone through it as we’re doing it as well so it’s a bit of a journey.

“Straight away boys will see weights and think ‘That’s what it’s about’ but this will get you so much fitter and in much better shape,” he said.

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2. Why he learned to love stretching

Stretching is something he’s learning to love as he trains to take part in the new series of ITV’s Dancing On Ice, which starts in January.

He was even limbering up when we spoke to him on the phone: “I’m mid-stretching so if you hear a bit of a ‘argh’ I’m doing a lunge," he admitted.

"I’ve just been skating so that’s why. It’s very intense, I stretch, I didn’t realise how important stretching was.

While’s in the gym regularly, Kem says it’s the stretching that has helped his body most get in shape for the ice. “It’s not really about power… I’m just getting my body flexible enough to do a lot of the stuff," he said.

“I’m actually going to a yoga class next week, my first yoga class. It’s probably going to be full of mums, midday on a Monday.”

Before training for Dancing On Ice his regime consisted mainly of weight training and running, though he’s not one for running on the treadmill or going to the gym with other people.

3. How the gym helps his mental wellbeing

“I need to, I need to keep fit, not only for the show but for myself as well,” Kem said.

“There was a stage when I had come out of the villa and I wasn’t really going as much and my dad said to me ‘you need to go the gym, just for your own headspace’.

“I don’t know what it does but exercise lets something out in your body that makes you feel more relaxed, but I just don’t know the word,” he paused, before remembering, “Endorphins!”

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4. How he conquered feeling intimidated by the gym

Though the benefits of going to the gym are undisputed, many people can feel intimidated by the environment and Kem is no exception.

“I remember when I first started to go to the gym, I was intimidated. I kept changing and blaming the gym but I was intimidated by just going to the gym.

"You can’t focus on everyone else, it’s your own journey. It’s all about your progression, everyone’s going to be at different levels. You can’t worry about everyone else, there’s always going to be someone in better or worse shape than you so it’s just about concentrating on yourself and your progression,” he said matter-of-factly.

5. How he cares for his hair in the gym

As a former hairdresser, does he have any tips for fitness fiends to look after their hair? Of course he does: “I am a bit like that with my hair, I’ve got loads of little things,” he laughed.


“I always tie my hair up when I go to the gym just to get it out of my face. I use a lot of argan oil and stuff, and just not washing it too much.

“Some people wash their hair twice a day but it’s so bad because it washes all the natural oils out. I only wash my hair maximum once a day. Just look after it and use the right products on it and stuff.”

When he’s not working out or on the ice rink, Kem is probably on his PlayStation.

“I have a tradition, I think it was six years ago that I first got my PlayStation and I got obsessed with playing it on Christmas Day and every year me and my brother would play it for at least an hour.”

This year, he says he’ll be getting the whole family involved by playing That’s You!, a party game that reveals what you really think of each other.

The Love Island cast got to together to promote PlayStation’s PlayLink range of multiplayer games that are controlled using a smartphone or tablet instead of a standard DUALSHOCK 4 controller. That’s You! is available now at the Official PlayStation Store.

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