If you want some inspiration to be healthier and leaner, you don’t have to search Instagram for #fitnessgoals – just turn on Made in Chelsea.

One of the show’s longest-serving cast members, Louise Thompson is all about fitness goals, having found a new love of working out and eating healthier and seeing her body transform from being small and in shape to super strong and toned.

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You’ll often see her on Instagram working out with her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan Libbey or whipping up a protein shake or two.

Now, Louise has teamed up with Kate Hudson’s active-lifestyle brand Fabletics to handpick her favourite pieces from the new collection. And since she’s giving us fitspiration, we asked Louise to share her five tricks to staying as fit and healthy as she does.

Watch your coffee calories

“I’m really watching my intake of liquid calories. I used to drink a lot of fancy coffees and cocktails that had a lot of added sugar.  Nowadays I prefer to have a pudding now and again instead. I’ve been making raw sweet treats with added protein powder as well as natural sources of protein to satisfy any sugar cravings.”

Sleep is key


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“I now prioritise sleep more. If you don’t get enough sleep at night your body won’t be able to metabolise properly or rebuild muscle.  Now the nights are getting darker I go to bed an hour earlier. I am in bed by 10pm latest and switch off all electronics so I don’t get distracted.  I wake up naturally around 6.30am and get lots done as a result during the day.”

Go meat-free on Mondays


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“I’ve had a few stomach issues over the last month so I’m going to try and go vegetarian one day a week for the next month to see how this affects my body. I currently eat a lot of meat, so if I cut down I might notice some dramatic changes. However, I want to maintain a high protein diet so I will have to find alternatives. I love making my own hummus and other dips that are fairly high in protein. They’re better than shop bought because you know exactly what’s going in them.”

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Breathe with purpose


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“I like to exhale loudly when I’m exerting pressure. If you blow out forcefully at the top of ab crunches it makes your abs work harder.”

Sprint to the finish line


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“Do five minutes of sprinting at the end of every workout if you want to lose pounds not just tone up. I tend to do interval sprinting to get my heart rate up and get a good sweat on, so 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, increasing the speed each time to see how fast I can go! It's mega invigorating. If you aren't feeling motivated at the beginning of a session this can be a good way to get into the mood too.”

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