Yes, we all know that going to the gym is good for us but can we always be bothered to go? Of course not.

A new survey from has revealed the most common reasons people have given to avoid a workout session.

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Only 1 in 10 people said they had never made an excuse to miss the gym, and here were their most common cop-outs:

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Feeling drained
  3. No time
  4. I won’t go today, but will work extra hard tomorrow
  5. Muscle ache from the last gym session
  6. Good weather
  7. Finding the gym boring

We caught up with the experts at as well as personal trainers and fitness bloggers to find out how exactly to combat them.

Excuse 1: Feeling tired

How to fix it: If you’re lacking energy ahead of a workout, question why.

Being dehydrated or not eating enough can contribute to feeling tired, and can easily be fixed with a bit of forethought.

Eating smaller meals more frequently and keeping yourself well watered will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Monitor when you’re the most tired during the day, and when you’re the most active and awake; manage your workouts so that they complement your energy pattern.

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Excuse 2: Feeling drained

How to fix it: Mental exhaustion can be just as a big of a demotivator as physical exhaustion, but a workout shouldn’t take an extraordinary amount of mental effort.

Get a personal trainer to do the thinking for you if you can’t face keeping track of your rep count or what exercise to move on to.

If it’s the idea of being around people again after a long day that drains you even more, working out at home or runing around the local park can take away the mental effort of working out in a social environment.

Excuse 3: No time

Ho​w to fix it: Treat your workout with the same importance you would a doctor’s appointment. Personal trainer Jamie Lloyd says “When my clients tell me they don’t have the time to workout, I tell them to make time by blocking out training time in your diary just like you would with your meetings at work or a medical appointment.

"After al,l training is brilliant for your health, oxygenating the cells and giving your body energy to make you more productive at work and at home.”

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Excuse 4: I won’t go today, but will work extra hard tomorrow

How to fix it: Rather than trying to delay your workout and seeing it as a punishment to avoid until tomorrow, think instead how you would reward yourself for doing it today.

Allow yourself small creative rewards for getting your workout done on schedule, maybe by letting yourself watch an hour of trash TV or buying a small non-food treat like a luxurious beauty product.

Excuse 5: Muscle ache from the last gym session

How to fix it: Health blogger Mutha Fitness says the best way to overcome most gym excuses is by sticking to a well thought through workout plan.

Her top tip: “Don't forget to schedule in rest days too. This will help you to avoid feeling too exhausted to go to the gym or ducking out because you're aching from the previous session. Rest days are good for strength and muscle development, giving your body a chance to repair itself.”

Excuse 6: Good weather

How to fix it: Personal trainer Aimée Victoria says: “During the warmer weather, numbers in my classes tend to drop slightly and clients cancel last minute, especially in the evenings, to see friends or go out with their partner.

“There are plenty of fun ways to keep your exercise in check without feeling like you’re missing out, and you can keep it social too.

“I personally love going on long walks with dogs on a sunny evening. It’s all about balance, there’s no point feeling like you're missing out, just keep active in a different way.” 

Excuse 7: Finding the gym boring

How ​to fix it: The gym doesn’t have to just be about lifting weights and pounding the treadmill. Mutha Fitness advises “If the reason you're skipping the gym is because you find it boring, switch to something new.

“Most gyms these days have a brilliant variety of classes scheduled through the week. Don't be scared to try something different: you might find that it works really well for you and it sparks your motivation again.”

Keeping fit by learning a new sport, like tennis or boxing, can keep your brain occupied; thinking about tactics or strategy or technique means you don’t notice the monotony of your body movement.

What are your tips for getting to the gym when you don't feel like it? Let us know in the Comments section below.