Easy abs workout at home: 5 easy exercises to shift a flabby belly

Want rock hard abs? Who doesn’t! Here are five exercises sure to tone and trim that tum – without doing traditional sit-ups.

Sit-ups are the only exercise that will really tone your tummy, right? Wrong! While many tummy workouts focus fully on a routine of nothing but sit-ups, we’ve got something a little different for you.

Incorporating traditional yoga and pilates, we’ve asked fitness expert Danielle Collins for five effective moves that are designed to target your midsection and tone a wobbly tummy.

The best part? The whole routine will take you less than 10 minutes and is simple enough that even a fitness novice could follow the moves.

As well as trimming your tum, these exercises will help to strengthen your core, which is essential for a good posture, takes pressure of your back, hips and knees and helps you to sit up taller and straighter.

For the sit-up section, make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and check your form before you start; when lying flat on your back, suck in your tummy muscles and make sure your back, including your lower back, is pressed down onto your mat. This will make your stomach muscles work properly, harder and should help to stop any back pain.

Danielle comments: “Try and do these exercises every single day for a stronger core and stronger back.”

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