Since launching herself into the spotlight in the first series of reality TV show Geordie Shore in 2011, Vicky Pattison has been so busy it’s hard to believe that she’s only been on our screens for six years.

The 29-year-old has appeared on Ex On The Beach, hosted her own show (Judge Geordie),  written an autobiography and two novels, won the 15th series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, became Loose Women’s youngest regular panellist and was made team captain on the Channel 5 panel show It's Not Me, It's You. The list goes on.

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Her latest venture, which sees her step away from the TV screen, was inspired by the self-confessed boot-camp fan’s desire to be happier and healthier.

Fantastic fitness

“Exercise is about so much more than just changing your shape. Don’t get more wrong that’s such a happy and fortunate by-product of it,” she laughs.

“But for me it’s calming, it makes my life so much more manageable, it gives me purpose, it helps with my anxiety.

“I find it a fantastic way to get clarity. On a Monday morning I can feel stressed and overwhelmed at the pressures of the week that lie ahead. Suddenly you can break it down and see the smaller parts and it becomes more manageable.”

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Her first foray into the fitness world came with her exercise DVD Vicky Pattison’s 7 Day Slim in 2013.

Now, she’s the proud owner of Mini V Nutrition, offering a range of supplements, sports nutrition products and monthly subscriptions including healthy recipes and workout videos.

It’s aimed at busy modern women, a group she champions, trying to accommodate a fit and healthy lifestyle in their hectic routines.

Championing the modern woman

“I think there’s been a lot of taboos and really terrible theories surrounding supplements and protein powders and stuff, the most common one being if you drink protein shakes you’re going to get muscly or if you lift weights you’re going to get muscly,” she explains matter-of-factly in her lilting Newcastle accent.

“It’s not designed make us all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know what I mean? It is for women who have a life, have high-profile jobs, or buzzing social lives, or kids, or husbands.

“It’s for the woman who does it all and still wants to look good and I don’t see why we should have to compromise on anything now. I want it all and I think women should want it all as well,” Vicky says emphatically.

“I know what it feels like to feel unattractive. It’s just horrible and I don’t want that for anyone. I want women to celebrate their shape and to be strong, not necessarily skinny, just whatever size they are, healthy and happy.”

Fit family

Though she is now, more than ever, focused on health and fitness, which she says helps her anxiety, her love of exercise began at a young age having been introduced to it by her grandfather.

“He was taking us to pilates until he was 80 years old, he’s fantastic.

“He’s always got us into it, he taught us how to swim, took us to the gym, me and him used to play cricket in the back garden. He’s a fantastic man,” she says.

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‘A bit of what you fancy’

While her workout routine of high intensity interval training, spinning, boxing and other “strongman stuff” may be regimented, her attitude to eating is more centred around simple swaps, explaining that “a little bit of a what you fancy does you good”.

“I don’t believe in restricting yourself, I don’t believe in depriving yourself of any of the main food groups, of course I try and not have as many refined sugars.

“I do definitely try cut down on certain Achilles’ heels I might have: Haribo or wine, for example.

“I think as women we’ve picked up a lot of bad traits over the years and I’m trying hard to undo them. Come on girls, we’re better than this. It doesn’t have to be hell to be healthy.

“If you’re one of these people who has a caramel macchiato every morning, two sugars with full fat milk, change it, go for a flat white.

“I just want to be able to enjoy my Saturday night guilt-free,” she smiles.

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