Anyone who’s ever seen 2000 film Bring It On has probably dreamed of being able to do some of the amazing cheerleading routines of the Clovers and the Toros.

If Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst’s moves still fascinate you, you’re in luck: NBA basketball is coming to London and the Philadelphia 76ers have brought their Sixers Dancers.

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You can see them entertaining fans and catch all the action on the court between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics live at the O2 on BT Sport’s Facebook page for free, or on BT Sport 2.

We headed to the basketball court to find out what it takes to be one of the Sixers.

1. You’ll need stamina


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Watching these dancers jumping around waving pompoms in the air, you’d easily be fooled into thinking this is an easy gig.

“It’s only 70 seconds but it’s high energy the whole 70 seconds. You need a lot of stamina,” Sixers Dancer Amanda explains.

Having tried it myself, I can attest that the simple moves when performed at speed are really hard to get right and you’ll tire quickly.

I am envious of their energy.

2. They work just as hard as the players

All that high-energy fast dancing is a big burner, and to get that much-needed stamina they put the hours in at the gym.

They lift weights and do a lot of cardio to keep their energy up. Trust me, just a few rounds of their routine will have you sweating.

“I think that the hours that we practise, the dedication, the time, the time we spend learning a routine and then we go back through it and we clean it,” dancer Nicole says.

“I think we’re always striving to be one and dance as one dancer and I think that’s the same as any athletic team. They’re trying to be one and win and we’re trying to be one and perform great for the fans.”

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3. They do this in their spare time


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What’s the biggest misconception about dancing for a team? That this is their full-time gig.

Nicole tells me: “All of us are either in college or have jobs outside of college.” She is also an accountant.

To work their bodies this hard in free time is seriously impressive.

4. Eating right

As well as a punishing fitness regime, they tell me they have to eat a lot of protein to support their bodies.

There’s no cheat eating here. A high-protein diet helps fuel their bodies so they can dance all game long.

5. They have to be confident


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There’s definitely a feeling of support and sisterhood among these amazing women and during my time with them, as a stereotypical self-deprecating Brit and a sufferer of that most serious of afflictions - embarrassment - Nicki and Latifa were always encouraging and reassuring.

Nicole offered this advice to anyone who might feel embarrassed: “I think, and I always say this to everybody whenever we’re learning a routine, it’s not always easy the first time you learn it but once you go home and sleep on it, it’ll come to you.

“Always go full out and don’t feel that sense of being scared and afraid to do it because the second you feel like that, you’re going to get in your head and you’re not going to be able to do the movement to your best potential. Just go for it and exude confidence, dance like nobody’s watching.”

Once I had a pair of pompoms in my hands, suddenly all doubt melted away and it all felt much more fun.

“Don’t give up because it’s not easy, but don’t give up and keep going because you’ll learn something different each time you go through it,” she added.

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