Best known for her upbeat single Sax, it comes as no surprise that Fleur East is just as up-tempo as her music.

Since her first appearance on the X Factor in 2014, her life has only got busier and finding time to workout is not always easy.

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In her search for a solution to time pressures, the 30-year-old teamed up with her cousins to create W8 Gym, which she describes as “a gym in a box”.

We caught up with her to discover her fitness secrets.

1. Her favourite way to work out

“HIIT Training is my favourite way to work out,” she explains.

“I like a challenge and knowing I can rest in between helps me to push even more for the minute I need to do each exercise.

“I love working out with a partner too, so having a friend or my sister to workout with makes it a lot more enjoyable.”


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2. How she fell in love with working out

Fleur has always been interested in exercises, she says: “I did sports at school and ran the 200 metres. I then joined dance groups and that always kept me fit.

“After I left uni I joined the gym and fell in love with exercise in a different way. Exercise makes me feel good.

“It gets you great results aesthetically, but for me, it’s more about how it makes me feel. I always have so much energy when I work out and I feel more creative.”

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3. Her fitness idols

As well as Joe Wicks [The Body Coach], and the man behind the Insanity workouts, Fleur has another, less heralded fitness idol.

“Mel B is #bodygoals for me! She looks incredible!”


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“I attended Joe Wick’s HIIT circuit in Hyde Park this year which was so much fun and have also done Shaun T’s Insanity workouts at home,” she adds, “so it would be really fun to workout with them too.”

4. How exercise helped her through tough times

“Whenever I feel low, tired, or I’m not feeling motivated, exercise for me is always the cure,” Fleur says.

“Particularly before I auditioned for the X Factor and had a low point, I threw myself into exercise and got into such good shape.

“I felt amazing after that and it gave me something to focus on rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Working out releases endorphins and gets your blood pumping - it’s always kept me focused and energised.”

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5. Her most embarrassing moment in the gym

Fleur jokes that she’s had a fair few embarrassing moments.

“My leggings split once in the middle of a squat! Not pretty and very embarrassing.”

6. Why women shouldn’t be scared of weightlifting

“A lot of women believe that if they lift weights, they will look like a heavyweight body builder! But that is definitely not the case,” she says.

“Depending on how much you lift and the type of exercise you do, you can lift and help to build lean muscle instead of bulking. You will feel toned and lean as a result of weight training in conjunction with the correct diet. 

“I found that I was the leanest I’ve ever been when I lifted heavier weights, because I burned more fat. Speak to a personal trainer and or nutritionist to work out the best way to achieve your personal goals. There are a lot of myths surrounding weight training that just aren’t true.”

7. Her advice for anyone starting the new year with a new fitness regime

“Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. As soon as you take that step, remind yourself why you started and don’t lose sight of that.

“Keep track of your progress and set yourself goals that you can reach at the end of every month. Goals help to keep you focused and motivate you to push harder!”