So you’re thinking of going platinum blonde – who isn’t?

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We're pretty obsessed with Kim Kardashian's latest hair-do, which she showed off at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Going blonde, especially if your natural hair colour is on the darker side like Kim's, is no mean feat.


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Now, even her her momager has been inspired, with Kris Jenner unveiling a platinum bob in true Kardashian-Jenner style.


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Tracey Hayes, Fudge Professional’s Head of Colour, said: “As the only way to achieve such a strong change in colour is to stop bleaching just before the point of breakage, choosing such a dramatic change in hair colour for yourself can have its perils.”

Here a few things to consider before hitting the bottle…

1. Remember that your hair is changing

Just like your skin loses pigment as you age, so does your hair colour. More grey hairs means a change in coverage techniques and formulas; your hair’s texture is also different, either thinning or perhaps more coarse from increased grey hairs.

This can all have an effect on how your hair will take to the colour; it might not lift to the shade you want or it could permanently damage your hair.

2. Consider your skin tone

Be honest with yourself. Women with cool skin tones generally would suit a platinum shade more than those with warm skin tones. 


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To find whether you’re cool or warm, look at your wrists – if your veins appear blue/purple, you’re cool. Green shaded veins signal a warm skin tone.

3. Take it slow

If you are going from brunette to blonde at this time of your life, do it gradually. Carol Vorderman has been slowly lifting the tone of her hair over the past year, starting with a few highlights until eventually going full-on blonde.

Not only will it help you decide whether you like being blonde, but you’ll get the chance to see how your hair reacts to a change in colour too.

4. It could make you look younger...but it could make you look older

Many colourists believe even a small shift in hair colour can give the illusion of a brighter complexion, softer wrinkles and even out skin tone.

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But not all platinum is created equal; the wrong shade or tone can wash out your skin tone and even highlight dark circles. Which is why you should…

5. Always go to a professional

Hey, we’ve all dabbled in home hair colour but this is one time it’s best to see the professionals to avoid any disasters.

They can also give you a skin test to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction before going for the big change. You’ll have to rethink your hair routine

You’ll need to treat your hair even more kindly, and a deep conditioning treatment will be your saviour.  As for your hair’s best friend, its purple shampoo. The violet tones help to prevent blonde hair from going brassy or orange and encourage the ashy tones in platinum hair to shine.

It’s also recommended that you try and embrace your natural hair texture and steer clear of heated tools. Your hair will be weaker so be kind to it.

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