7 hair mistakes that make you look older

Badly-coloured, dull or over-complicated hairdos could be making you look 10 years older.

Want to shave 10 years off your age in an instant? Skip scrutinising your wrinkles and turn your attentions to your hair instead.

Your locks, short or long, are your untapped key to looking younger - and if you get it wrong, the quickest way to add on the years.

From one-dimensional colour to over-coiffed, over-complicated up-dos, we’ve picked the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

Ageing: Short layers and volume

Youthful: Hidden layers and texture

We loved when Cheryl joined the short hair club, but she overdosed on the volume and the layers.

To keep a short cut like this looking youthful, volume needs to be added everywhere BUT the crown. Keep layers hidden and possibly even get an undercut under the hair to keep it looking more natural and undone.

Ageing: Dark, one-dimensional colour

Youthful: Warm tones


Flat, one-dimensional hair can look fake and bring out the yellow, ashen tinge your skin develops as you age. Plus, it makes the dark circles under your eyes look even darker! You can still go dark, but try adding some soft low lights around your face. They’ll act as a natural illuminator.

Neil Moodie, session stylist says on behalf of Viviscal: "As we get older our skin colour changes – it fades and we get paler. Consider what colour is right for you as you get older. A lot of women chose a colour they love when they’re young and stick with it for years. As they get older the skin gets paler and the hair colour stays the same, which makes you look washed out and sallow. As you age you need to soften it out a bit so it’s not as harsh."

Ageing: Over-bleached hair

Youthful: Natural shades with differing tones


On the other hand, hair that’s too light will also do the same – highlight your face for all the wrong reasons. And nothing’s worse than hair that’s the exact same shade as your skin tone. Try splices of different blondes with the focus on buttery, honey tones rather than platinum or ash.

Ageing: Dry, dull, damaged strands

Youthful: Moisturised locks


Split, damaged ends look dull. Dull hair looks old – you need shine, as if you’re in a Timotei advert. Make sure you get regular trims and invest in a hair treatment masque. Try leaving one, like Michael Van Clarke’s Pre Wash Treatment, on overnight for an extra boost. The key is to keep your hair moisturised.

Ageing: A complicated coiffed up-do

Youthful: An un-done bun or pony


Hair that doesn’t move not only looks stiff, it looks stuck in a time warp. Lay off the hairspray and try a light mousse pre-blow-dry instead. For an up-do that’s more now than 1960, leave a few wispy strands and flyaways loose to soften your look.

Ageing: A blunt fringe

Youthful: A wispy fringe


Yes, a heavy fringe hides forehead wrinkles but it also closes off your face and makes your eyes appear smaller not to mention it’s hard to grow out. Wispy, long fringes are far more flattering and versatile too.

Ageing: Sleek, fine hair

Youthful: Bouncy hair 


We can spend so much time trying to fight the frizz that we forget to build volume too. Flat, sleek hair can make any face look drawn, pulling it down without definition.

What’s more, as we age, our hair becomes more fine and so naturally looks less bountiful than it used to. Concentrate on building blocks of volume; drying your hair upside down, a few well-placed layers and swapping fizz fighting oils for a light volumising spray will do the trick.

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