Skincare rules that apply to your scalp: 7 ways to improve your hair's condition

Thought a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine was just for your skin? Think again – your hair needs it too.

You’ve probably had the same skincare routine for years and have the whole cleanse-tone-moisturise regime down pat, right?

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Have you ever thought about taking that same level of care and attention to your hair? If not you should as it can dramatically improve the condition of your hair, especially at this of year when your hair is at its most vulnerable.

Hair can be just as delicate and prone to ageing as skin and if you don’t take care of it, you can say bye-bye to beautiful locks quicker than a bad fringe trim.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got the kudos and products to help you…


Probably the most obvious of the rules to put into practice with your hair, but despite some people choosing to go years without washing their hair, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of newly cleansed tresses. Washing your hair swells the hair shaft, which is why your hair looks soft and fluffy after a session in the shower.

And just like your skin, there are plenty of products to apply to your different hair concerns - oily hair will benefit from Klorane’s Nettle Shampoo, while dry, damaged hair can do with a burst of Joico K-Pak Care Shampoo. Sometimes, your hair needs a washing right down to the core too and Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo detoxes and re-balances the scalp.


Toner for the hair – or scalp – works a little differently to its skincare equivalent but is an important step, especially if you suffer from a dry scalp. Philip Kingsley’s Scalp Toner rehydrates and re-energises the scalp while absorbing excess oil too. Plus, it encourages hair growth too.


Think of your conditioner as your moisturiser phase as it does just that – moisturises, repairs and prepares hair for the day ahead. A good tip is to mix and match your shampoo and conditioner to meet your specific haircare needs or find an anti-ageing conditioner; Noir Caviar Hair attacks the signs of ageing in the same manner as your most potent anti-ageing face moisturiser.

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Not everyone uses a facial serum or oil, but this step in your skin regime acts as an extra attack on your problems and it will do the same thing to your hair. A serum or oil can complement the work of your conditioner and will acts as a heat barrier. Some even have SPF qualities to protect from the sun’s damage too. We love Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil.

Weekly mask

Thankfully, a hair mask doesn’t look quite as frightening as a face mask but is equally as important. Plus you can pop one on your hair while you’re doing your hoovering or tucking the kids into bed at night. A mask gives your hair a concentrated boost and puts life back into your lacklustre locks. You can even go organic too – try Ouai Treatment Masque for a one-mask fits all solution or OGX Intense Treatment.

Night cream

We all know the importance of beauty sleep and prepping our skin for a restful and relaxing slumber so why not use that time to give your hair a chance to repair itself too? Pop an overnight hair mask on and awake with Sleeping Beauty-worthy hair (well, almost!). Try AESOP Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturising Masque which is famed for being residue-free - that means no sticky pillows!


When your skin’s a bit blocked and flaky, exfoliation helps – and it does the same for your scalp and hair. Unclog the pores in your scalp with an exfoliating shampoo. Aveda’s Invati Shampoo should do the trick.

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