Ellie Goulding’s hair style file: The singer talks us through some of her looks over the years

We caught up with her to see what she thinks now of some of her hair looks over the years.

Ellie Goulding is known for her songs, her style and her hair.

Over the years she’s pulled off countless cuts and colours.

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We asked the singer to reflect on some of her most memorable hair moments.

2009 – on Later With Jools Holland

Ellie Goulding 2009

“Wow, this was back in the early days of my career,” Ellie says

“It was before my career properly took off so I don’t think I was focusing much on what my hair and make-up looked like at the time, but more on my song-writing and performances.”

2010 – at the Q Awards

Ellie Goulding 2010

“I loved this hairstyle! It’s so fun and such an individual look.”

2010 – at the Brit Awards

Ellie Goulding 2010

“This is probably one of my least favourite looks,” she explains.

“My curls were way too tight, and I had a washed-out blue dye in my hair that made it look a little grey. Definitely one to forget.”

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2010 – on Loose Women

Ellie Goulding 2010

“This was definitely the era of the side fringe.

“I loved this look at the time but maybe looking back on it, it wasn’t one of my favourites!”

2011 – at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony, Washington D.C.

Ellie Goulding 2011

“I actually really loved this platinum blonde look.

“I felt like it really suited me.”

2012 – in New York

Ellie Goulding 2012

“Again, such a fun look. I loved having coloured hair and constantly changing my look,” she explains.

“The undercut took a little while to grow out, but it was so fun at the time!”

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2014 – at the premiere of Divergent

Ellie Goulding 2014

“This was back in the days where I wore extensions all the time. I was obsessed with them!

“I would love to get my hair this length again, without the extensions.”

2015 – at the MTV European Music Awards

Ellie Goulding 2015

“I actually really loved this colour,” Ellie says.

“I remember when I was getting ready for the MTV European Music Awards and I had my blow dry, I felt really sexy!

“I knew it would cause a bit of attention and couldn’t wait to wear it on the red carpet”

2015 – at the American Music Awards

Ellie Goulding 2015

“I was actually a little nervous when my stylist suggested this look but wanted to go with it as I thought it was a little different. It was quite a statement look but I loved it!”

2018 – at the Oscars Vanity Fair after-party

Ellie Goulding 2018

“This was for the 2018 Oscars Vanity Fair after-party,” she recalls.

“I really loved this look! It felt very effortless yet glamorous. This was my natural hair and we just loosely curled it to achieve the tousled look”

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