Chomping on your favourite meal or snack could have an added benefit - to your hair.

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From spicy chicken to beans on toast, here are 6 meals that are packed with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your hair needs.

Peri-peri chicken

We love the spicy grilled chicken and so does your hair! Poultry is one of the sources of protein, the stuff your hair craves. A lack of protein in your diet can lead to brittle strands and in severe cases, loss of hair colour.

So next time you pop to your local Nando's, you won’t feel so guilty.

Eggs Benedict

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Whether it’s scrambled or fried, just make sure you eat them for breakfast – your hair depends on it.

Experts at trichologist Philip Kingsley note that the energy levels to your hair follicles are at their lowest in the morning, so a breakfast of protein-rich eggs should add a little zing.

Beans on toast

Legumes, along with pulses, contain a terrific amount of iron, zinc and protein - all healthy fodder for your hair. They also contain biotin, an important B vitamin for your hair as it helps prevent against breakage.

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Waldorf salad

This type of salad is a two-pronged approach to healthy hair.

Firstly, leafy dark vegetables like spinach are the leaders in folate and iron; secondly, the zinc-rich walnuts also contain selenium, a mineral vital for the health of your scalp. So tuck in.


Okay, so not a meal as such, more of an aperitif.

Beer contains mineral silica, which is thought to improve the thickness of your hair. Stocking up on the silica will strengthen hair and make it more durable. This isn’t an excuse for binge drinking though, and you can always switch your silica intake from beer to bananas and raisins.