Kylie Jenner is just one celebrity who loves to trick us all and change her hair up with a wig regularly.

Not just great for making a fashion statement though, wigs are a great option for women for a whole host of reasons.

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“Wigs are, of course, also a great option for anybody who might be experiencing issues with hair loss; a custom wig can be made to look incredibly realistic and to fit the client’s exact requirements, so nobody would ever guess it wasn’t your own hair,” says celebrity wig maker Carl Bembridge.

We found out everything you need to know about wearing wigs.

1. Get professional help

If you want to get the best out of your wig, it’s best to go to an expert.

“I would always recommend finding a reputable wigmaker or hairdresser you can trust,” says Carl.

“Only a properly-made wig will give you that realistic look and luxurious feel.

“Your stylist or wigmaker will understand exactly how to fit it to your head, and will use the best quality hair to ensure your wig looks great.”


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2. Avoid synthetic hair

If you want to style your wig yourself, synthetic hair can be tricky as it often can’t have heat applied to it.

“It’s so important to use human hair if you want to have a high quality, long-lasting wig,” Carl explains.

“This is the only kind of hair that can be dyed and heat-styled.”

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3. Attention to detail

Make your wig extra realistic-looking by paying extra attention to the smaller details.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner often opt for a lace-front closure to a seamless finish and fool people into thinking it is in fact your real hair.

Think about what colour you want to go for too. A balyage or ombre effect can also help it look more natural.


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4. Look after your wig

“A beautiful wig needs to be treated in the same way you’d look after your own hair: with respect and lots of TLC,” Carl says.

“Set aside time to wash the wig every few weeks (depending on how often you wear it) – wash it by submerging in a sink of warm, never hot, water, and gently lathering and rinsing.

“It’s also worth investing in a mannequin head to dry it on too, so that the wig cap keeps its shape.

“I’d always recommend a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse the hair, and stock up on Argan oil – wig hair isn’t living hair anymore, so it requires intense hydration to keep it looking shiny and feeling soft and strong.”