5 signs you could have high blood sugar

You don’t have to be diabetic to have high blood sugar. Here are the key signs you might be missing...

Key to keeping diabetes at bay is keeping your blood sugar down, and you don’t have to be diabetic or prediabetic to have high blood sugar.

Nutritionist and fitness instructor Cassandra Barns says, “It is possible to have occasional high blood sugar without being diabetic or pre-diabetic. If you suspect you have high blood sugar, see your doctor.

“If necessary, he or she will run tests that can include fasting blood sugar levels and a haemoglobin A1c test, which is an indication of your blood sugar levels over time. From this information diabetes or pre-diabetes can be diagnosed or ruled out.”

We found out the top signs of high blood sugar.

1. Feeling tired

Cassandra says that feeling tired can be an indication that your body isn’t efficiently taking in glucose into your cells.

You body should be using the sugar for energy, so if that’s not making it’s way into your cells, your blood sugar will stay high.

2. Feeling unusually thirsty

“When your blood sugar levels are high, water is pulled out of your cells into your bloodstream to dilute the sugar,” Cassandra explains.

If you feel very thirsty even you’re drinking plenty of water or need to go to the toilet a lot you have high blood sugar.

3. Staying really hungry even if you’ve just eaten

Hunger, like tiredness, can be a signal that glucose is staying in your blood rather than being taken into your cells.

This means your body thinks you haven’t eaten.

4. Spare tyre

“Weight gain around the abdomen is an indication that your blood sugar levels could be high and is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes,” Cassandra says.

5. Thrush

“High blood sugar levels can change the bacteria balance in vaginal fluids,” Cassandra tells us.

Disrupting this delicate balance can encourage candida to grow and lead to thrush.

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