For many of us, the idea of eating Marmite is pure hell. However, you might want to start appreciating the dark spread a little more if you’re pregnant, as it could hold a whole range of benefits for your baby.

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Scientists in Australia have been researching the effects of vitamin B3, something Marmite is rich in, on pregnant women.

The scientists found B3, also known as niacin, can help cure congenital malformations in the womb. Testing this on pregnant mice, they found B3 supplements helped prevent these malformations.

A pregnant woman at a keyboard (Anthony Devlin/PA)
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

According to Sky News, the next step for scientists is to develop a test identifying women at risk of having a baby with a defect, so they might be given increased amounts of the vitamin.

A single serving of Marmite contains 36% of your daily recommended allowance of B3, so spreading it on your toast is an easy way to boost your intake of the vitamin.

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However, if you fall into the “hate it” camp, there are plenty of other ways to get your B3 fix.

Marmite being spread on bread (Nick Potts/PA)
(Nick Potts/PA)

The following foods are also rich in B3: beef, liver, venison, lamb, turkey, chicken, seafood, peanuts, cereal, mushrooms, asparagus and sweet potato.