From going to sleep in your make-up to forgetting to moisturise, we all know the little habits that are bad for our skin.

But were you aware of these nine other skincare crimes? Jill Zander, founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, tells us where we’re going wrong…

1. Too much moisturiser

The more the better, right? You could be doing more harm than not applying it all. If a moisturiser is correctly suited to your skin, it should feel comfortable; the wrong one could leave your skin dry or greasy. And never apply your skin moisturiser around your eyes, as the skin is thinner here and can easily become overloaded with products. That’ll be the cause of those little white spots, you know!

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2. Over-exfoliating

Scrub-happy people must stop now. Over-exfoliation can lead to redness and irritation and constantly stripping your skin can actually make it become greasy as it over compensates for the lack of oil. Try a non-abrasive scrub that uses AHA, BHA and fruit acids to exfoliate, rather than grains which can tear the skin. Twice a week is all you need.

3. Rushing serum application

Skincare products need to be carefully layered, like you would your clothes. When using an anti-ageing serum, it’s important to let it sink in and dry before applying your moisturiser – otherwise you dilute the concentrated anti-ageing formula with your moisturiser in one fell swoop.

4. Squeezing spots

Step away from the blackhead! Not only can you cause the spot to become infected but you could make it leave a scar if you’re not careful. Use a spot gel to help it fade on its own or leave it to the professionals.

5. Skipping the SPF

It’s grey out there so need for the sun cream, right? Wrong! The sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and you should wear SPF come rain or shine. Many moisturisers and even make-up contain SPFs which moisturise while protecting without clogging the skin.

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6. Slapping on creams

Somewhat slap-dash when it comes to applying your creams? Stop. Vigorous rubbing can age the skin; instead, apply from the neck up using semi-firm upward movements, so you’re working against gravity. Drag downwards and you’re literally ageing yourself every morning.

7. Skimping on sleep

It’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. Skin repairs itself at night so if you’re regularly sleep-deprived, your complexion will give the game away.

8. Anti-ageing before you need to

Until you show signs of ageing, step away from the anti-ageing products. If you use potent anti-ageing products before you need them, your skin can become fragile and thin or immune to their powers.

9. Using face wipes

When using a face wipe, we tend to rub our skin quite vigorously, especially around the eye area. This is a big no-no as it can cause irritation, redness and even strip the skin of its essential oils.