6 easy tricks to age-proof your hands

Keep you hands looking in tip top shape with these expert tips.

Ever noticed how Madonna always wears gloves? Maybe you didn't, but you will when you look back.

The star is said to have been conscious of her hands giving the age game away, and has kept them under wraps to hide any wrinkles or signs of ageing.

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The 59-year-old pop star is even said to have undergone a £250 hand surgery in the past, using micro-needles to help stimulate production of collagen, smoothing out wrinkles.

And Madonna's not alone in being self-conscious of her hands. A staggering 75% of women believe their true age is betrayed by their mitts, with 80% admitting they’d notice if another women’s hands looked old, like Sarah Jessica Parker's and Madonna's.

Some said their hands started showing signs of ageing at the age of 34, with a third going as far as saying they felt self-conscious on their wedding day because of their hands.

But why the obsession with our hands and what makes them so vulnerable to ageing?

As we get older, the fat in our hands wears down, resulting in thinner hands with prominent veins. While some people turn to surgery to plump up their skin, there are plenty of needle-free ways to claw back the years or keep yours looking healthy. 


"We can’t stop the ageing process but we can slow it down," says Karen J. Gerrard, founder SEAMS Hand Cream. "The key to this is by moisturising morning, noon, and night with hand cream. Morning to keep your skin soft, supple and protected, midday to smooth and soothe dry skin and give your hands a boost in whatever they are doing, at night to aid the healing process, skin heals when you sleep and it’s probably the only time your hands get time off!”

Get gloved

Always wear protective gloves when cleaning. Household products like bleach sprays and washing-up liquid can easily damage the skin’s natural PH balance and age your hands easily - dry, scaly hands do not, after all, scream youth.

Karen J. Gerrard adds: "When going outside wear gloves to protect your hands, I like wearing fingerless gloves as keeping the wrists warm is the key to warm hands enable me to still be able to do what I need without taking them off as it keep the blood warm that’s
flowing into your hands so keeping skin supple, plump and keep veins from bulging."

Don't forget the SPF

Just as you should apply an SPF to your face everyday, the same rule applies to your hands. Skincare expert Malvina Fraser comments: "90% of skin ageing is secondary to sun damage which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin so it is essential to apply SPF to our entire bodies including our hands."

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Manage a mask

If you suffer from extremely dry skin on your hands, try an overnight mask. Apply a thick layer of hand cream and cover with moisturising gloves, like the elaborately named Starskin Hollywood Hand Model Nourishing Double Layer Technology Masks.

Try a tint

If your hands are still looking a touch peaky, Malvina suggests using a tinted moisturiser to disguise the signs of ageing.

"As we age our skin begins to thin and our veins become a lot more visible, especially when it comes to our hands. A great way to resolve this is to apply a tinted moisturiser to brighten the skin and make them appear a lot younger."

Give them a stretch

Tone those hands like you would your body, says Karen J. Gerrard. "We can spend up to eight hours a day on our phones and keyboards not only does the heat from the devices dry out your fingertips but repetitive strain can cause your hands to ache and stiffen which makes them visibly look and feel older. A quick massage or stretch when using hand cream will keep them soft, supple and looking younger."

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