Is urine nature’s miracle skin cure?

A dab of urine can help clear up spots and other skin conditions, and a swig or two in the morning is said to boost your health. Are you brave enough for a course of urotherapy?

We put some strange things on our face. Snail slime, bird droppings, milk – we’re not afraid to look to the unusual side of the spectrum in a bid for a clear, more youthful or all together healthier complexion.

And when it comes to banishing an ugly, angry spot, we’ll try anything to calm it down, including toothpaste, tea tree oil, nappy cream and even urine.

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According to some experts, human urine (yes, your own wee) can cure all manner of skin conditions, from spots to athlete’s foot.

In her book Your Own Perfect Medicine, nutritional consultant and author Martha Christy champions the natural cure, outlining the healing powers of urotherapy and its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Christy’s research found that when applied topically to the skin, urine can help decrease the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and acne, along with fungal infections.

And if you've been watching 100 Years Younger in 21 Days, you'd have seen Eastenders' June Brown, Corrie's Claire King and Googlebox's Sandra Martin give it a go in the quest for younger looking skin.

Claire commented on the show: "I came up seven years older than I actually am, but if it involves putting urine on my face every day I will remain seven years older."


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But it’s not only good for the skin. If you’re really desperate to reap the benefits of your urine, Martha suggests gargling with it, putting a few drops in your ear and even drinking a cup of it first thing in the morning to boost your health.

Martha’s not the first person to buy into this trend. Urotherapy has been a medicinal and cosmetic treatment in Egypt, China and India since ancient times.

Madonna famously said that she keeps athlete’s foot at bay by peeing in the shower, and Bear Grylls has claimed that it can be essential for rehydration.

Urine for perfect skin? More tempting than we’d like to admit…

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