Wrinkles are the inevitable and universal sign of ageing, bound to hit us all at some point in our lives.

And as well as staying out of the sun, applying sun cream everyday and using the appropriate skincare, there are a few easy peasy ways to stop them becoming any worse.

The best part is, they're probably cheaper than your daily moisturiser...

1. Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side can lead to wrinkles on your chin and cheeks and, even worse, they’ll be uneven. Some skincare experts are so well versed in wrinkles that they can tell which side you sleep on from them!

Sleeping on your stomach leads to wrinkles on your brow as gravity pulls everything down. Experts recommend sleeping on your back to help stop wrinkles forming.

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2. Pop a tea bag on them

Green and black teas have an extremely high antioxidant content, preventing the breakdown of collagen. As well as drinking it, a cold green tea bag contains tannins, which reduce puffiness and temporarily reduce wrinkles too.

3. Sink some sardines

Some fish – like sardines and salmon – are sources of abundant Omega3 fatty acids that help keep your skin well nourished. The more nourishment your skin receives, the less dry it becomes and the less wrinkles occur.

4. Trade your morning coffee for a cup of cocoa

Researchers found that cocoa contains high levels of antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage, improve blood flow to skin cells and aid hydration.

5. Hit the gym

Exercise gets your cardiovascular system going, which is vital for getting needed nutrients and oxygen to your skin. 

Susie Rogers, founder of BeautyWorksWest, comments: "Exercise can boost your youth hormones and reverse ageing.  It is great for improving your health profile and helps to gives you brighter, thicker skin and helps your skin heal faster too."

Lisa Collins, Founder of Fernskinclinic, recommends: "Exercise is outrageously good for the skin, although here are some savvy suggestions that’ll help you avoid any disruption to the skin’s harmony.

"Removing make-up before exercising will prevent pores getting blocked and causing irritation or breakouts. Drink enough water (or even coconut water) during your session to avoid dehydration from sweating.

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"Breakouts can occur from excess sweat lingering on the skin, so be sure to take a shower after any excursion. A thorough face and body exfoliation will remove all the dead skin and clear your pores. It is very common to experience breakouts on the forehead and the cheeks after exercising because these are the areas where excess sweat tends to reside. To prevent this, aim to clean the skin within the 15 minutes after exercising."

6. Give facial yoga a go

Don't worry if you've not perfected the downward dog or cobra yet - facial yoga works your face muscles instead to relax and tone muscles.

Watch the video below for a quick 5-minute routine to help lift your face and smooth out wrinkles.


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