7 sleep tips to steal from children’s bedtime routines to have a better night's sleep

Struggling to de-stress before bed? All it takes is a little nostalgia - and following your own good advice - to create the ideal sleep environment.

Sleep – and how little we’re getting – is the latest health conversation that’s not going away any time soon.

According to The Great British Bedtime Report 2017 found that 45% of Brits lose sleep thanks to stress and busy lifestyles.

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Neil Shah from The Stress Management Society teamed up with Rescue Night to help come up with some tips to help you feel more rested.

“The most efficient way to introduce an effective evening routine is to go back to basics and take into account all the factors that can cause disturbed snoozing,” he explains.

When he says back to basics, he really means it and suggests you steal a typical child’s bed time routine to unwind before bed and get the right sleep environment.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Banish the TV


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Think about how you get a child to bed: you start encouraging them to wind down, stop anything that makes them excited and get them away from electronics.

Parents are often guilty of ignoring their own advice once they’ve got their children bed by heading back downstairs, turning the TV on and perhaps even sipping a glass of wine.

The trouble is this can interfere with your body’s natural electrical flow so avoid watching before bed and if you can, try not to have one in your bedroom.

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2. Avoid strenuous exercise


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Just as you wouldn’t encourage children to start playing a game involving a lot of running around before bed time, you should ban all exercise apart from yoga before going to bed.

This is because it will raise your heart rate and core body temperature, making it harder to unwind.

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3. Dim the lights

Much like you’ll turn off harsh lighting in children’s bedrooms apart from a dim night light, Neil recommends dimming the lights in your bedroom before you get ready for bed.

The human body is programmed around light meaning if you leave bright lights on your body won’t know it’s night time.

Dimming the lights aids your body’s circadian rhythms.

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4. Have a bath

Having a bath before bed is another great childhood staple to add into your routine before going to sleep.

The hot water raises your body temperature and the cooling process as you get out helps your body unwind.

5. Sip a hot drink


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Many parents will offer their children a glass of hot milk to go to bed with.

As adults we tend to unwind with wine but instead try swapping out alcohol or caffeinated beverages for a hot drink.

Try a hot chocolate or herbal tea instead.

6. Read a book

Bedtime stories have long been a nostalgic favourite and are great for us grownups too.

Instead of watching a gripping drama, pick up a book to relax with instead.

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7. Listen to gentle music


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Some children might need a lullaby to get to sleep and music can be beneficial.

You just have make sure you get the right genre, try something gentle and easy to listen to.

What are your tips for getting to sleep? Let us know in the Comments section below.