12 things we should all consider giving up for lent

Beach selfies and excessive Uber use need to stop.

Press Association
Last updated:13 February 2018 - 03.12pm

You don’t have to be a devout Christian to get into the spirit of Ash Wednesday and give up something for the next 40 days and 40 nights. But instead of chocolate, cheese or wine, how about one of these we all definitely do, but definitely shouldn’t.

1. Casual social media bragging

Selfies on your travels, posh food, fitness achievements, gifts received, summing up how great your life is in one post… #Blessed.

2. Pret lunches

Wondering where all your money goes? You’ve eaten it all at Pret.

3. Using excessive emojis on What’s App

Use the power of words.

4. Looking at our phones every 30 seconds

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Apparently we check our smartphones 85 times a day on average.

5. Procrastinating and complaining about procrastinating

“Just one more episode…”

6. Hating what we see in the mirror

Because you’re fabulous.

7. The snooze button

Because waking up every 10 minutes for an hour is not enjoyable.

8. Fast food at 3am

Morning regret.

9. Facebook stalking

Your boyfriend’s ex, your ex’s new girlfriend, your high school crush… give it up.

10. Keeping clothes in your wardrobe that are pre-2006

Time to get rid of those halter neck tops.

11. Forgetting to drink your tea before it goes cold

It’s the worst.

12. Taking three taxis in one night

Or just don’t check your receipts and hope for the best…