This time of year can be pretty hellish if you are someone who feels the cold, but you aren’t alone.

Here are some things you can bond with other chilly people over.

1. Your partner complains about your cold feet in bed

You may live in a house with radiators on full power but your feet refuse to get warm by any other method than against your significant other’s nice warm body.

2. People may mistake you for being hideously overweight or pregnant because of all the layers you wear.

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Regulating your body temperature is all about layers. Cold? Put more on. Hot? …Well that never happens, so we don’t know.

3. You’ve got a reputation for moaning about being chilly all the time
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You know it’s annoying to moan, but you need everyone to feel as miserable as you do.

4. No one understands why you still get cold in summer
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It’s all well and good to enjoy the sunshine, but as soon as it goes behind a cloud you’re grabbing a jumper. That also goes for light breezes.

5. Winter is your least favourite season
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It’s cold ALL THE TIME in winter – why would anyone enjoy that?!?

6. You are a fire hogger
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You’re like a moth to a flame when it comes to log fires, even if it means everyone else in the room gets cold.

7. You own more than a few pairs of these…

… and you use them all year-round.

8. Just watching Frozen makes you shiver
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The cold may never have bothered Elsa, but just looking at her ice castle make you want to grab another blanket.

9. You never go anywhere without an extra pair of socks

What if the office is cold? What if my friend’s heating is on too low?

10. You add a new pair of socks to the huge pile at the bottom of your bed every night

You’ve gotta wear socks to bed, but then you wriggle too much.

11. Sometimes you think global warming wouldn’t be such a bad thing…
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… then you remember that you actually care about the environment.

12. You are the authority on what hot water bottle to use for which occasion.

Microwavable tube-shaped one for the office, old school hot water bottle for bed, you know where it’s at.

13. Shiver me timbers is not just a pirate phrase to you

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You literally shiver your timbers every time you step outside.

14. It takes you ages to work up the courage to get in a swimming pool

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Why can’t they just make swimming pools a nice, warm temperature?

15. The shower is your best friend

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There’s no better way to warm up.

16. You’re used to your fingers not functioning properly

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Trying to text? Find the right change for a parking machine? Forget it. Your hands are just too darn cold.

17. You’d be useless as a member of the Night’s Watch
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Let’s face it. You’d last seconds in The North.