5 ways to get the mental stamina Beyoncé needed to pull off that epic Coachella performance

She sneezed on Coachella and Coachella got sicker. Here’s how to get a stamina like Beyoncé in her outrageously good festival performance.

This weekend, Beyoncé became the first black woman to headline Coachella – California’s answer to Glastonbury.

In her mighty, mighty two-hour performance at Coachella last weekend, Queen Bey got through a plethora of flawlessly choreographed dance routines, 26 earth-shattering hits, four costume changes, four guest appearances and even, perhaps most impressively, a nail polish change - not only that, she made it all look like it was easy, like she woke up like this. 

And then, to top it all off, she did it all again this weekend.

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Such a colossal feat has seen the festival colloquially re-christened Beychella, with her performance casting a long shadow other artists will struggle to climb out of.

How does one woman achieve so much? We have no idea. I know the saying goes that you have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé but the Flawless singer seems to have everything honed.

If nothing else, I want her stamina after watching that performance. We found out what gives her one of the world’s most successful mindsets and how to get her stamina for yourself.

1. Step into an alter ego


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While it’s not so much something she leans on any more, Beyoncé has been candid about stepping into her stage persona, Sasha Fierce in the past and this may have been something that in the past has helped her find the energy to last through a 26-song set and beyond.

Jessica Boston is a Beyoncé fan and a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in London specialising in stress, anxiety, weight management and helping you achieve a confident mindset.

“An alter ego can be a great way to create stamina. It’s like giving yourself permission to explore a different part of yourself and you can even convince yourself that your alter ego has the strength to complete the task required,” she explains.

“You can see in her body language when she thanks Coachella that she is a humble and gentle soul. I think that is intrinsically her character, so it has been useful in the past to be able to step into someone else when she has needed it but nowadays she doesn’t have to do that as she has fully stepped into herself and her magic. She just needs to turn on that performance switch and instead of stepping into Sasha Fierce, she is Beyoncé and she owns it.”

Next time you need to concentrate on getting through something challenging, focus on being a more confident version of yourself.

2. Sense of purpose


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“Beyoncé has strong religious beliefs and I think that’s where she goes when she performs,” Jessica says, “Before a show her and her dancers will pray and connect to God and this will anchor her to the state she needs for peak performance and the feeling of trust this gives her.

“That means she knows from a strong place within that she will be ok no matter what and operating from this place this means there is no room for anxiety or lesser thought. Any form of anxious thought can hinder performance if you don’t know how to channel it.

“I also think she links her performance mindset to the sense of purpose and honour she feels being a representation of black excellence and feminism. She is the first black woman in history to headline Coachella and I imagine she adds this to her why. She strives every time to outdo her own personal standards of excellence and each time aims to raise her level and surprise herself.”

By linking to a higher power and removing your own ego from the equation, it’s easier to get into the right frame of mind to find the stamina you need.

3. Enjoy what you’re doing


If you like what you do, time goes by quicker, and Beyoncé is the best in part because of how much she clearly loves her work.

This phenomenon is known as time distortion, Jessica explains, and is why when you’re bored time feels like it’s stood still and a great day out feels over in seconds.

Next time you need to summon stamina like this, try and think of a way to connect what you’re doing back to a happy memory to find a way to make it fun.

4. Practise


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It’s not just talent that makes Beyonce the performer she is, but years of honed craftmanship and a show of the scale she pulled off at Coachella will have been rigorously rehearsed.

“Being confident in her actions and the actions of those around her means she can put all of her focus on her performance and mindset. This level of rehearsal is how I believe Beyoncé manages things like wardrobe malfunctions like her boots slipping off whilst dancing with Solange or the almost fall at the Superbowl,” Jessica tells me.

“Human beings have limited focus so if you have lots of fears about what could go wrong, your focus is pulled away from your performance. Beyonce trusts herself to deal with whatever emerges because she knows every beat of what she’s doing and expects the same of those around her. Rehearsal is not just about knowing the moves it is about the confident mindset it creates in knowing you got this.”

5. Look after yourself


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Ultimately, the most important thing is to look after yourself.

“Her stamina would in part come down to being in incredible physical shape and having excellent eating habits,” says Jessica, “Her vegan and plant based diet would be tuned to give her maximum energy and I’m sure it would be managed by the most advanced behind the scenes team in the world.

“Leading up to a show to I imagine they make sure she eats exactly what she needs and what’s best for her voice and that she would work and rest in equal measure.”

Sadly though, most of us mere mortals lack a team behind the scenes to take care of these decisions for us. Instead eat well, exercise regularly and practise whatever self-care you need to do to feel good.

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