50 simple things that will make you feel happy

From freshly washed sheets and sales bargains to the smell of a new car and even the Royal Family, here’s a definitive guide to what makes us happy...

Who needs an expensive holiday when some people can get a feel good buzz from cleaning the wax from their ears and hearing a sheet of bubble wrap go pop?

Yes, it’s the simple things in life which make us smile.

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Why not do one of these activities to put a smile on your face?

Among quirky examples like putting on a new pair of socks or tucking into a well-cooked steak, it would seem that our happiness is only truly complete when we get to enjoy the sensation of freshly washed sheets.

Other happy moments like feeling the sun on your face and eating fresh bread while many of us love nothing more than finding a bargain in the sales and some are just happy to sit and enjoy a good brew and put their feet up.

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