According to new research from Scholl, around 52% of women experience the sensation of heavy, tired legs at least twice a week.

Scholl’s launching a new Dance Through Your Day campaign, aiming to raise awareness of heavy legs, spearheaded by Denise Van Outen, who relies on compression tights to ease her tired pins.

Denise says: “I’m a really busy working mum – I do the school run in the morning; I have to sort out my house, I work, plus I travel a lot, so I know more than anyone what it’s like to have very tired, achy legs at the end of a long day.

“For me, my saviour is Scholl Light Legs Tights because they are so light you forget that you are wearing them.”

So how can you tackle heavy legs at home?

1. Compression tights

Michael Harrison-Blount, expert podiatrist at the University of Salford, says: “We all know how tiring legs can feel after a long day on your feet, and compression tights can really support you to help alleviate this.

"The highest level of compression should start at the ankle, which moves blood from the foot and ankle into the calf. Intermediate compression should then be applied at the calf to move blood up the leg and into the thigh. Finally, lowest compression should be at the thigh to keep the blood moving towards the heart.”

2. Walk

Heavy legs often happens because the valves in your legs, which stop blood from flowing back down and pooling in your extremities, are weakened.

All that blood collecting in your legs is what makes them feel heavy, but regular walking helps keep the valves strong and your blood pumping. 

3. Stay out of the sun

Excessive heat will dilate your veins, so make sure your legs don’t overheat, in the sun or the bath, as the blood flow to your legs will increase, and your feet in particular can end up feeling quite swollen and weighty.

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4. Raise your legs

Lying on the floor with your legs raised, and your feet braced against the wall for five to 10 minutes every morning and evening will help relieve heaviness and aches.

5. And don’t cross them

However comfortable it may feel to sit with your legs crossed, it restricts proper blood flow and can weaken your vein valves. It’s a good idea to stretch regularly, move around and work your feet muscles too.

6. Loosen your clothes

While compression tights can benefit heavy leg feeling, wearing tight jeans, strappy sandals, high heels and clothes that can cut in, will hinder blood flow – if you feel comfortable and free, so will your veins.

7. Take a cool shower

Shower instead of bath, and try spraying your legs and feet with a blast of cool water – it’ll reinvigorate your extremities and get the blood pumping again, so your limbs won’t feel so lethargic.

Do you have heavy feeling legs? What do you do to soothe them? Tell us in the comments below