Christmas is an exciting time of year for most of us – what with all the presents, food, friends, family and fun – but for others, it can be incredibly daunting.

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For many people, Christmas emphasises their daily struggle of going through life without the comfort of friends or family.

(Ben Birchall/PA)
(Ben Birchall/PA)

So what can you do if you know that you are due to spend this Christmas alone? What if it is your first Christmas alone?

Here are a few ideas of ways to make this festive season a little happier.

1. Visit a restaurant

If you have the means to pay for your own meal, it might be worth visiting a restaurant for your Christmas Day meal so that you are surrounded by people. It might also give you the opportunity to spark up a conversation with some other merry souls.

Some restaurants even offer meals for free to those who are homeless or elderly.

2. Hosted Christmas meals

It might be worth having a quick Google of organisations who set-up ‘hosted’ Christmas meals, which would mean going to another family’s house to enjoy a meal with them.

The charity Community Christmas host a Christmas lunch to provide companionship to older people.

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3. Churches and community centres

A church
(Ben Birchall/PA)


In the lead up to Christmas, visit local churches and community centres as they often advertise for events running on Christmas Day that you might be interested in attending.

4. Spend time with someone else who is lonely

Seek out other people in the community who might be lonely. Maybe an elderly widow/widower? You could offer to cook them dinner.

5. Walk outside

Dog owners and walkers
(Ben Birchall/PA)

Wander around in nature on Christmas Day as you never know who you could meet or talk to. It becomes easier to mingle with strangers if you have a dog – just FYI.

6. Volunteer

Seek out volunteering opportunities close to you if you are able. You might meet like-minded people, or it might take your mind off of spending the day alone if you are busy helping others.

Crisis the homeless charity might be a good place to start for volunteering opportunities.

7. Cook yourself a slap up meal

A view of a table setting for a Traditional Christmas dinner
(David Davies/PA)

Stay in and treat yourself. Go all out: Every kind of potato, ham, turkey, gravy, Brussels sprouts, the works.