While she might not be as tidy as we all think she is, Anthea Turner is a big believer in hygge – the idea that your home can affect your wellbeing.

We found out her other wellbeing secrets.

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1. Why it’s important to look after yourself

The movement promoting good self-care is currently gaining serious traction online, and Anthea’s a fan.

“It’s imperative, not only from your own point of view and to feel better about yourself and be more active, I actually think we have a duty of care to ourselves. If we are lucky enough to be put on this earth with a good body that works, why destroy it? I don’t understand it,” she muses.

“There are so many people who sadly have problems that are beyond their control, and they would do anything for a healthy body, so I have got a real problem when I see someone who is wilfully destroying their own.”

2. Easy ways to look after your body better

Having trained as a dancer, Anthea still knows how to keep her body in tip top shape, finding time three times a week to do pilates, weight-based exercises, and work out on the powerplate, maybe with a quick jog slotted in too.

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She realises though that it’s not always that easy for everyone. For those of us who do sometimes struggle to get into the gym, she has this easy tip: “You can be in the gym far less if you actually just do everyday movements correctly and walk properly, just move around properly.

“I think core strength is massively important, I’ve learnt that over the years. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether you’re gardening, running, just walking down an aisle in Sainsbury’s, you have a stability or a strength. I think it’s massively important.”

3. Her go-to beauty treatments

The 56-year-old presenter takes skincare seriously, only opting for facials that will be beneficial for her skin, like CACI treatments at Bodyvie.

“I always have CACI treatments and I’ve been having those since I was in my 30s because that’s toning the muscles in your face,” she explains.

When it’s just for pampering though, she loves an indulgent massage.

She gushes: “How gorgeous is that to lie there as someone massages you. I normally tend to go for an aromatherapy massage. I think that’s fabulous.”

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4. Why she doesn’t care what people think of her cosmetic procedures

Asked what she’d say to people who have a certain opinion of women who go under the knife, Anthea had this to say: “Get over yourself, I don’t know many people who haven’t. I have botox, absolutely. I only have it in my forehead so it’s definitely improved that. Your face has still got to look like yours.

“I had my boobs done years ago now and again I think you do things for you and if you want to, get it done. You have to know you’re with someone who really knows what they’re talking about.”

5. Her beauty must-buys

Anthea loves her long eyelashes and doesn’t spend a fortune on keeping them gorgeous.


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“Max Factor mascaras are the best. Mine is £10.99, Max Factor Clump Defy,” she says.

For her face, she’s discovered Chuckling Goat’s Kefir Lotion.

“It was actually created for people who have more problem skin like eczema and psoriasis but it’s still a beautiful cream. I’ve been using it and testing it out in my arms and the back of my hands. I tell you what it’s quite amazing and it’s full of goodness.”


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6. How her home affects her wellbeing

Going through divorce, Anthea’s left behind the big house with land, and downsized, moving into a flat, which she said at the time of our chat looked like a bomb had hit it.

“People probably think I’m really tidy. I think I’m probably a bit more relaxed than people think I am, definitely,” she laughed.

“Home is everything, which is why Sarah and I set up the At Home Box Company. The greater part of our income goes on the roof over our head. It doesn’t matter if you rent it or if you buy it. In my mind, why would you spend so much money on the roof over your head and then turn it into a dumping ground and something that you’re not happy to be in because it’s a mess.

“It’s not about being an interior designer, it’s about making it a nice home and you don’t have to have a lot of money to do that.

“I’ve been at my worst when I’ve been displaced. When I got divorced I wasn’t sure where I was going to live and I was a bit nomadic. I was all over the place.

“I think we should be supportive of people who don’t have homes, or find themselves in situations where they don’t have a home, because if they don’t have a home it’s very difficult to then get up every morning, find a job, go out to work. You need that base.”

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7. Why you shouldn’t be afraid to seek help when you need it


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Having recently written a book, How To Survive Divorce, she offers this as the most important piece of advice for women struggling with divorce: “I think the one piece of advice is get some professional help.

“We love our friends, we really do, but there’s only so much that crying to our friends and pinot grigio can do. I think if you’re struggling, get help. Don’t be afraid to get help. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I’m frightened’.”

Asked if she found female friendship important, she responded immediately: “Oh my God! Massively! Massively important when it comes to problems in your life to discuss it with your friends.”

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8. What she eats to stay healthy

“There’s a lot being written at the moment about the fact that the elixir of good health actually comes from the gut,” she states, before explaining her eating well has nothing to do with weight, but is for health’s sake.

“I don’t generally eat a lot of processed foods. I always think my rule of thumb is food that you can see. The potato is much maligned. The potato is fantastic, it’s good for you.

“I would always have butter and I would never have margarine. I keep away from lots of processed foods or anything that’s synthetic, or anything that’s pretending to be something that it isn’t. To me a fizzy drink, like a Coca-Cola on a hot day is a massive treat, but it’s a treat and I probably haven’t done that for about a month.”