Feeling bloated? 10 ways to beat the bloat before bed

Getting into bed with an air-filled tummy is uncomfortable and can stop you sleeping, but there are steps you can take to avoid feeling bloated at night.

Do you feel bloated at bedtime? A few simple steps during the evening could help you avoid feeling full and uncomfortable when you get into bed at night. Here’s how to beat the bloat:

1. Workout before bed

Go for a 20-minute stroll after dinner or a quick run round the block. It’ll tire you out ready for sleep and help ease bloating in the process.

2. Watch what you eat for dinner

While vegetables are great, avoid ones which cause excess stomach gas, like beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower.

3. Eat dinner at the same time every day

Eating regularly – and early – gives your body time to digest food properly, so by the time you get into bed, it’s not gurgling away and bothering you.

Drinking lots of water can flush out your system and ease bloating

4. Drink lots of water

It’ll flush your system, removing toxins as it goes, as well as taking away any water you’re retaining. Just stop drinking too much an hour before bed, or you’ll be making bathroom trips all night.

5. No late-night carbs

Meals that are heavy on the starch front such as pasta and white rice make you more prone to bloating as those food stuffs trigger water retention.

6. Cut out alcohol

It dehydrates you, making your body want to hold onto as much water as possible, leading to bloating. Fizzy, carbonated drinks are just as bad – the bubbles cause even more bloating!

7. Stretch in bed

Once you’ve hopped into bed, help relieve any tension and get your digestive system working by doing a few stretches: bring your knees into your stomach and hug them to you, and try twisting your legs from side to side. 

8. Cut out the salt

Salt helps retain water and stays in your system which is why, if you have a Chinese takeaway, it’s fairly standard to wake up the morning after feeling and looking puffy. Go for low-salt meals instead.

9. Have fruit for pudding – with the skin on

Swap cheesecake and the like for fruit with the skin on – the extra fibre will ease digestion and constipation.

10. Give your tummy a massage

A massage has a similar effect to stretching, getting your digestive system moving and helping to soothe any discomfort.

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