Monday January 15 marks ‘Blue Monday’, supposedly the most depressing day of the year as it lands midway between Christmas and the first payday of the year.

Which, alongside the crushing realisation of all the festive fun being over, begs the question - how did the colour blue get such a bad name for itself?

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With this in mind, Celebrity Cruises asked colour therapist Alison Standish to reveal how blue can be good for your wellness.

Here’s what she had to say about seven shades of blue.

1. Cobalt

Cobalt is a vibrant blue that creates deep feelings of calm and allows the body to de-stress.

It is associated with the throat, allowing us to become quiet and reflective and communicate more clearly.

Pairing cobalt with a vibrant orange allows for deep relaxation and attracts positive feelings.

2. Royal blue

Deeper blues are associated with the eyes and ears and are said to help clear fogginess and confusion.

Royal blue is also linked to authority, justice and fairness which is why it’s become linked to police and loved by royalty.

Add some pumpkin or salmon shades to give off feelings of warmth and creativity.

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3. Sky blue

A more transparent blue that has a few undertones of green creates feelings of trust and integrity.

This colour evokes calm but also is associated with nature and nurture, therefore encouraging kindness and generosity.  The gentleness of this combined colour allows us to gently unwind and detach from the stresses in our lives. 

Once relaxed, balance sky blue out with orange pepper. With a slight yellow hue, this is the perfect combination of colours to revive and rejuvenate pour mind, body and spirit.

4. Midnight blue

As the name suggests, this deep and powerful colour invites you to be more constructive, by creating structure and allowing you to re-form your personal identity. 

Compliment with sun orange to bring light-heartedness into the equation.

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5. Powder blue

Warming and antiseptic, powder blue reduces blood pressure, slows the metabolism, calms the mind, and balances both our physical and emotional wellness. 

This particular blue helps with contemplation and help your ideas and plans to come together. 

6. Aquamarine

This therapeutic blue helps to slow the pulse rate and also alters with the light as it bounces off of water to display shades of green.

This helps to open the heart and lung areas of our bodies, enabling us to take in more oxygen and reduce our blood pressure.

7. Turquoise

Turquoise heals and rebalances our emotional centres and helps us to care for ourselves and others.

When mixed with the sunshine, this combination will relieve feelings of negativity. 

What’s your favourite shade of blue for feeling calm? Let us know in the Comments section below.