We always hear about botched beauty treatments and how certain products can do you more harm than good, but did you know your clothes can be something of a hazard too?

And now researchers have called for action to stop women being forced to wear high heels at work.

Academics at the University of Aberdeen who carried out a review of scientific studies into the shoes said more needs to be done to address the problem.

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The research identified evidence that the shoes increase women’s attractiveness to men, but also a wealth of studies showing they raise the risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions and the chance of injury. Earlier this year the UK Government rejected calls for a ban on enforced high heel wear.

But along with high heels, what other clothes and shoes are bad for your health? You might want to think twice before wearing one of these items...

Flip flops

Good Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones claims flip flops are among the most harmful shoes out there. Lack of support can cause problems in the arch and heel of the foot, including plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of tissue on the bottom of the foot. 

Flip-flops can also lead to bone problems. Long-term arch and heel pain can develop into bone spurs and the rubber summer staples can also actually alter the way you walk. Shorter strides cause our toes to crunch up tightly to hang on to the sandal, which can result in hip, knee, and back pain.


These chunky designs, pictured, might look safer than a pair of sky-high heels but as regular flatform wearers have reported, accidental slip-ups are a regular occurrence.

The key to wearing them without falling over is to distribute your weight across the toes – the flat nature of the shoe makes them tricky to walk on uneven surfaces in.

Skinny jeans

Find yourself squeezing into your skinny jeans? Stop – you could be causing nerve damage to your legs. Meralgia parasthetica, as it’s called, is a disorder that occurs when one of the nerves that run in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed.

Cue numbness, tingling and pain. They can even cause a yeast infection too, so make sure they fit comfortably, rather than squeezily.

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Heartburn, crushing your intestines and causing bloating – those are just some of the dangers of wearing tight shapewear for too long, new research has suggested.

And if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, steer clear – the restrictive nature of suck-me-in pants puts pressure on the digestive syndrome.


Tight ties and tight shirt collars can be known to limit or even cut off circulation to the head, causing headaches and blurry vision.

Plus, the restrictive nature of a tight neck can limit movement and cause tension in the back and shoulders. Loosen that tie at once!


Granny pants are definitely the way forward after hearing the possible hazards of thong-wearing.

The rough seams can cause chafing and small breaks in sensitive skin, allowing fungal growth and bacterial infections. Eww. Experts suggest softening the edges of said thongs with olive oil or vitamin E oil.

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