How to copy Rihanna’s confidence: 4 ways to stop caring what everyone else thinks

Rihanna doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her music, her outfits or her body. Here’s how to feel as confident as she does...

The first Monday in May has been and gone, and we're feeling Rihligious thanks to Rihanna's amazing homage to this year's theme - Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Her papal outfit was vintage Margiela from John Galliano's tenure at the fashion house.

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But that's not her only recent sartorial slaying.

RiRi’s fashion choices at Coachella became the festival’s second most talked about event – after Beyonce’s epic performance, of course.


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Rihanna dressed exactly as is typical of the style we have come to know and love – as herself, with a flair for not caring what anyone else thinks.

For Rihanna, more is always more, and it’s usually her attitude that sells a look.

How could you too feel so confident you could pull off a Gucci balaclava in over 30-degree Californian heat? I spoke to Rihanna fan and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Jessica Boston.

1. Live life like a creative pursuit


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“I think what gives Rihanna her DGAF mindset is that she lives to enjoy herself and that in itself is rare,” Jessica explains.

“Ask yourself this question when you get dressed or do anything: ‘How can I have more fun?’

“Rihanna has access to some of the most exciting style possibilities and creative opportunities in the universe but what do you have access to?

“Set aside a day where you make a point of trying something new, a bright eyeshadow perhaps, slightly bigger earrings. You don’t have to leave the house in a diamond catsuit and a Gucci t-shirt but making little shifts will prepare your mind for bigger ones.

“Living in this way becomes about much more than just style choices, it is about living with a creative mindset which ultimately means that there is no failure, only freedom.”

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2. Surround yourself with supportive people


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Have you ever noticed that you rarely see Rihanna ringing in her birthday with an A-List entourage in tow?

You’re much more likely to find her hanging out with her non-famous friends.

Jessica suggests spending time with positive friends like this who will not judge you if you’re exploring your creativity and lift you up.

“You want to get to a point where you think ‘who cares?’ Unfortunately humans aren’t hard wired not to care what others think.

“Caring what others think is linked to our primitive survival so in the beginning creativity needs nurturing until it just is.

“Remember in the end, who cares other people think – they are going to think it anyway.”

3. Remember life is too short


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“There is a quote by Rihanna I just love: ‘When I think of myself as an old woman, I just think about being happy and hopefully I’ll still be fly.’

“It reminds me of a technique Cognitive Hypnotherapists use,” Jessica continues, “called ‘’the Rocking Chair technique’ or Future Pacing.”

She explains that this brilliantly simple technique involves thinking of yourself in old age any time you’re struggling with a decision.

If that version of yourself would be happy with the person you are today regardless of your decisions, then do whatever you want to do and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of your choice.

If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

4. Accept all of yourself


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Last year, Rihanna was trolled and body-shamed for supposedly gaining weight.

She proved how little time she had for everyone’s opinions on her body by responding with a meme.


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In doing so, she reminded all of us that we are more than our weight.

“If you dress to hide, call yourself out on it,” Jessica says.

“Why are you dressing to hide? What are you afraid of? Can you reveal a bit more of yourself?

“This confident Rihanna that shows more skin and wears outfits that accentuate her form reminds us, she is in control. She is saying ‘I know you are going to have an opinion on me anyway so I’m going to do me.’

“I think Rihanna has one of the coolest outlooks on life because it’s pretty simple. Just enjoy it. I think ultimately Rihanna is confident in her fashion, her choices and her body because her confidence doesn’t depend on any of those things defining her, leaving her in a space to play.

“Don’t attach your self esteem to your body image or it will fluctuate as your body does.  Your confidence has to be built on deeper foundations so that it stays solid and doesn’t bend to the shape of the external influence you have built it on.

“Live like Rihanna drop comparisons, be comfortable with vulnerability and embrace your uniqueness. Most importantly live through the message I strive to get in the head of all my clients no matter what their issue is. Just have more fun just being you. Ask yourself every day ‘how can I have more fun being me?’”

Jessica Boston is a Rihanna fan and a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in London specialising in stress, anxiety, weight management and helping you achieve a confident mindset.

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