Ex-Strictly star Jo Wood has revealed how a nasty fall 14 years ago left her in constant ankle pain – which became a nagging ache she had to contend with every single day.

“I was carrying my then 2-year-old nephew and fell down some stone steps. I twisted my ankle so badly but didn’t see a doctor for a few years, so damaged it even more.”

Jo, the ex-wife of Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, says she loves to be active, crediting exercise and eating clean and organic food for her health. And while she didn’t let her injury affect her active lifestyle, it did have some impact: “My ankle injury held me back with running and I found it difficult to wear heels for any amount of time.”

“I can't say it was chronic pain, just a constant nagging ache which got worse in the last few years and I was constantly aware of it. I still kept up the gym, but hated the fact I felt better in flat shoes. I’d really notice the aching when I first got up in the morning, after exercising and if I dared to wear stiletto heels.”

Rather than turning to traditional medicine and painkillers to ease the pain, Jo was keen to find a natural alternative. “I rarely take a pain pill, a natural way is far more appealing to me.”

She discovered GOPO Joint Health while reading a magazine article.

“I read an article in a magazine that Arlene Philips took them and thought I would try them out.  After a few weeks of taking GOPO the pain in my ankle disappeared which was really liberating. The longer I took the pills the better it started to feel, then one day I was on the treadmill and realised I hadn't even noticed my ankle!”

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GOPO® Joint Health contains high levels of the galactolipid GOPO®, extracted from a sub-species of rose-hip (Rosa canina), to reduce the pains of staying active.

And Jo’s advice for others suffering from joint pain and aches?

“Don’t suffer in silence, eat healthily and organic. Stay active and consider a natural supplement. GOPO has helped the joint pain in my ankle, and has clinical studies that suggest it can help rebuild cartilage for long term joint health.”

If you are worried about joint pain, visit your GP.
GOPO® is a galactolipid derived from rosehips with natural anti-inflammatory properties. GOPO® is found only in GOPO® Joint Health capsules, £18.99 for 120 capsules from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, www.gopo.co.ukIt is advised that GOPO® is taken for a minimum period of 3 months.